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  1. October 17, 2023

    The ultimate list of boating essentials

    Boating has always been one of the best ways to get outside and enjoy nature. Whether you prefer cruising, watersports...

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  2. September 25, 2023

    Understanding lifejacket types - and why Plastimo is the perfect choice.

    When you're on the water, there's nothing more important than being safe. And whether you're a weekend fisherman, a casual...

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  3. February 22, 2020

    The Boat Care Products No Boat Owner Should Be Without

    UV rays, salt water, and extreme weather can all take their toll on your boat's exterior, which is why it's...

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  4. April 11, 2019

    How To Use Trim Tabs Correctly

    Properly sized trim tabs can significantly reduce the time needed to get up on plane.  They also allow the boat...

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  5. March 07, 2019

    How to install marine battery in 10 easy steps

    The beating heart of all the electrical systems onboard a boat is formed by batteries. It is essential to select...

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  6. February 13, 2019

    How do you determine the correct trim tab size?

    Installing undersized trim tabs is one of the more common mistakes.  A tab that is too small will have to...

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  7. February 06, 2019

    Turn a miserable ride into a great day with Trim Tabs

    Have you ever wondered how to correct the bow rise when taking off or when you decelerate and your boat...

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  8. January 13, 2019

    Let us understand Ingress Protection Ratings or IP ratings

    We have all seen IP ratings at some point or the other. Many people do not comprehend what the numbers...

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  9. January 05, 2019

    SAVE the environment, clean your bilge water

    Bilge water is one of the causes for marine pollution. Untreated bilge water can contain oil, gasoline, solvents, detergents, chemicals,...

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  10. December 25, 2018

    Prolonging the life of your marine generator

    The marine environment is one of the most unforgiving settings for superyacht equipment, and are among the essential machinery that...

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