Understanding lifejacket types - and why Plastimo is the perfect choice.

Published at: September-25-2023

Understanding lifejacket types - and why Plastimo is the perfect choice.

When you're on the water, there's nothing more important than being safe. And whether you're a weekend fisherman, a casual cruiser or an experienced yachtsman, one of the most critical pieces of safety equipment you can have on your boat is a life jacket. But not just any life jacket— you need the right one for your specific needs. As it turns out, all life jackets are not created equal. They come in different sizes, designs, and capabilities, each designed to keep you safe under different conditions.

The importance of choosing the right lifejacket

Choosing the right life jacket requires considering several factors: the type of boating activity, the water conditions, and the individual wearing it. But once you have accounted for these variables, one brand often comes to the forefront: Plastimo. Their comprehensive portfolio of life jackets ensures that there is a perfect option for every boater.

In this article, we will explain the categorisation of lifejackets, and then we'll explain why Plastimo is the ideal choice for all of your boating needs.

Understanding Lifejacket

Type I life jackets normally use bright colors and offer guaranteed head support.

Type US Coast Guard lifejacket classifications

Life jackets are classified into different types (Type I to Type V) by the U.S. Coast Guard, based on their buoyancy, performance, and use cases.

Type I Lifejackets

Type I life jackets are offshore life jackets with the highest buoyancy, designed to turn most unconscious individuals face-up in the water. They're typically quite a basic vest and are often bulky but most importantly, they're reliable. These life jackets are ideal for open, rough, or remote waters where rescue may be delayed. Many include a crotch strap for added safety and reliability in tough conditions.

If you require Buy Plastimo Type I lifejackets

Type I lifejackets, we sell two Plastimo models that are ideal for your needs.

The Plastimo 170N SOLAS Lifejacket is a personal flotation device for emergencies.

The Plastimo 170N SOLAS Lifejacket is the perfect solution for offshore emergencies. Designed for use on board fishing and commercial boats as well as recreational and passenger vehicles above 25 metres, the 170N is designed to save lives when disaster strikes.

The 170N includes large foam-filled sections designed to keep the victim face-up in the water until rescue arrives. A whistle is included as is high-visibility reflective material for low-light or night-time search and rescue scenarios.

Plastimo's 150N Typhoon Lifejacket is an excellent choice for various scenarios.

Alternatively, consider buying the Plastimo 150N Typhoon.Several variations of the 150N are available from us to cater for a variety of victim weight ranges. The 150N Typhoon incorporates a whistle and a three-section collar for maximum head comfort in the water.

An adjustable crotch strap and a front zipper further add to the 150N Typhoon's comfort.

Buy the Plastimo 150N lifejacket here or order the Plastimo 170N SOLAS lifejacket here.

Type II Lifejackets

Type II life jackets are near-shore buoyant vests and are designed to turn an unconscious person face up in the water.

This category of lifejackets is intended for use when cruising, racing and fishing offshore, or when boating alone and/or in stormy conditions.

Each category of life vest features design elements that make them ideal for different emergency scenarios.

Buy Plastimo Type II lifejackets

We sell the Plastimo 100N Storm 3 lifejacket.

The Plastimo Storm 3 100N personal flotation device, available now from our online shop.

This simple but effective foam lifejacket includes a high-visibility, high-reflectivity patch and a whistle to help rescuers locate you. A simple but effective nylon strap allows you to quickly put the lifejacket on and secure it to your torso in an emergency.

The Storm 3 100N is available in several variants and is ready to order right now on our web shop. Simply click here to go straight to the listing.

Don't forget your children

Babies and young children require a lifejacket that is specifically sized and designed for their physical needs. For these members of your family, friends or crew, we sell the Plastimo Baby Lifejacket. Filled with foam, we have model options suitable for children from 0 - 2 years old all the way up to 12 years old.

Buy a Plastimo Baby lifejacket today on our online shop using this link.

Your dog can get a life jacket too!

Plastimo makes lifejackets for dogs, too! Keep your furry friend safe on the water with a Plastimo Flotation vest for dogs, which you can buy right here.

Type III Lifejackets

A Plastimo Type III life jacket.

Type III life jackets - floatation aids - are the most common type for recreational boating or water sports. They are more comfortable but provide less buoyancy. They're suitable for conscious individuals in calm, inland waters and depending on the brand and model, may include storage pockets and zipper pockets and some may even include SOLAS- grade reflective material. Some life jackets in this category are designed for maximum mobility and will inflate on contact with water.

Buy Plastimo Type III lifejackets

Plastimo's Type III Pilot 165 lifejackets are a popular choice and one that we typically keep in stock.

We sell a large variety of Type III lifejackets from Plastimo, way too many to list here, but we've curated some of our favourites just for you.

First up is Plastimo's Pilot 165, Pilot 275, Evo 165, and Angling/Fishing lifejackets. All four of these model varieties are inflatable lifejackets, with either automatic inflation or manual inflation options.

All offer similar buoyancy characteristics, and differ mainly in terms of their features, so when you do shop for a Type III lifejacket, be sure to check those differences and if you're unsure, simply ask our team who will be happy to answer your product questions.

Type IV Lifejackets

Type IV life jackets are throwable devices. Here, we're referring to a personal floatation device like life rings and buoyant cushions. They are not meant to be worn but can be thrown to someone in distress. For obvious reasons, Type IV life jackets would not be ideal for use where the victim is an unconscious person.

Type V life jackets, meanwhile, are special-use devices designed for specific activities, like kayaking, waterskiing, or windsurfing.

Buy Plastimo throwable lifebuoys

In our catalogue, we refer to Type IV lifejackets as lifebuoys, and we have two Plastimo models available for you right now. One is the Plastimo Horseshoe buoy. Supplied with a zippered cover, this is a perfect throwable floatation device. Buy one hereThe other is the Plastimo Rescue Ring. Supplied inside a weather-resistant bag, the Rescue Ring is attached to a long line that allows a victim to be reeled back on board. Buy it from us today on our online shop using this link.

Size and fit

Plastimo life vests are available for all water activities. Choose the right life vest for your needs.

Your safety on the water starts with having and wearing the right life jacket and/or carrying the right safety equipment. It's an investment in both your wellbeing and the safety of your passengers. The right life jacket can make the difference between a minor incident and a major tragedy.

The size and fit of a lifejacket is the first step in choosing the right life vest for your needs and is just as important as wearing the correct type for the activity you're doing. The jacket should fit snugly without restricting movement. Children and pets should have specially designed lifejackets suitable for their size and weight.

Lifejackets are available for all body shapes. This is especially true of very young children, including infants. Special lifejacket sizes are available for that age group.

Having all the life jackets on board will be of no use if you don't have the right life jacket for the people on your boat, so please talk to your dealer to be sure that you have the correct lifejackets onboard for your passengers and crew and for the type of boating you will be doing, as well as where you will be boating.

Plastimo Lifejackets: A Cut Above

Plastimo's PFDs (personal flotation devices) are some of the best life jackets on the market.

Plastimo, a specialist French brand established in 1963 and known for its maritime equipment, has been producing high-quality lifejackets for decades. Their range of products includes lifejackets for all types of activities and conditions, from casual boating and general water sports, to offshore sailing in rough seas.

Plastimo lifejackets stand out for their durability, innovative design, and rigorous testing procedures. They offer superior buoyancy and performance, ensuring maximum safety for users.

Choose the right life vest for your needs. The best life jacket is one that fits correctly & may feature adjustable straps.

Among the multitude of choices available in its product portfolio, Plastimo lifejackets have consistently shown to be reliable, durable, and intelligently designed for various nautical activities, including sailing, fishing, water skiing, paddle sports and even for non-swimmers requiring personal floatation.

Plastimo's commitment to safety, comfort, and quality is reflected in every life jacket they manufacture. Thanks to Plastimo's ISO 9001 certification, you can be guaranteed that each Plastimo life jacket is manufactured to the highest quality standards using the most robust materials.

Plastimo's legacy of safety, their dedication to the craft, and their pioneering designs have placed them at the forefront of maritime safety equipment. When you choose a Plastimo lifejacket, you're not just choosing a brand, you're choosing peace of mind, knowing you're equipped with a product that has been tested and trusted by sailors around the globe.

Buy Plastimo lifejackets online

Buy Plastimo kids life jackets online from Exalto Emirates

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