Magma Combo-Stove, Grill & Oven, 43.2 cm marine Kettle 3

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Combo-Stove, Grill & Oven, 43.2 cm marine Kettle 3


Party Size Marine Kettle® 3 Combination Stove & Gas Grill, 17 in. (43.2 cm) Diameter

Balanced Hinged Lid: The perfectly balanced hinged lid will not slam shut and will act as a windshield in gusty wind conditions.
Dependable Electronic Ignition: The new electronic ignition system lights the first time, every time.
Radiant Burner Plate and Dome Heat Distribution System: Our heat distribution design provides perfect, evenly distributed heat as a grill or direct open flame cooking as a stove. It reduces flare ups and helps extend the life of the grill.
Inner Lined Safety Shell
Cast Stainless Steel L-Bracket Mount Clamp: Indexed for Positive Non-Slip Level Mounting
Windproof Swiveling Tubo Venturi Tube: Virtually eliminates blowouts and places fuel and valve where it is convenient for you.
Cast Stainless Steel Handle: ”Stay Cool” Cast 18-8 Stainless Steel Handle with Air Cooled Supports
Magma's Patented Kettle Design: Magma’s patented design fully utilizes both radiant and convection cooking. Quickly comes to temperature then heats the entire grill surface evenly while using the least amount of fuel.

Enhance your grilling experience with Magma’s new Marine Kettle 3 Combination Stove and Gas Grill. A redesigned version of our Marine Kettle 2, this versatile, portable gas grill includes features that are both useful and user friendly. Incorporated with a new dependable electronic ignition system, powered by a single “AAA” Alkaline battery (included), which lights first time every time. A newly redesigned Heavy-Duty inner safety shell that keeps the outside of the grill cooler, guards against discoloration, while adding years of life to the grill. While the mirror polished, 18-9 marine-grade stainless exterior finish provides superior corrosion resistance, even in the harshest environments.

Dependable, even in a stiff breeze, due to a virtual blow-out proof turbo venturi tube design, patented heat distribution system & burner, which direts more heat to the colling surface. The swiveling control/valve regulator allows for quick, safe fuel canister exchanges. This model is designed to use disposable propane/butane mix Campingaz (CV270, CV270 Plus, CV470 or CV470 Plus) fuel canisters or can esily adapt to a boat's on-board, pre-regulated, low pressure propane,/Butane or compressed natural gas (CNG) systems.

Additional features include a balance hinged lid that won't slam shut as the boat rolls, polished, 18-9 SS "Stay Cool" handle with air cooled supports, and indexing cast SS L-bracket & clamp assembly to provide easier, more positive level mounting. These new features combined with Magma's patented radiant plate and dome system, makes this the only boat grill that is truly a grill, stove, or oven-a great advantage to boats without a galley, or if the crew just wants to cook outdoors.

- This model is designed specifically for use in countries requiring the CE mark or in countries that use Campingaz® propane/butane mix fuels in disposable canisters (CV270, CV270 Plus, CV470 or CV470 Plus).
- Requires grill mounting hardware (sold separately) for complete installation.

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