EE Blue Reward Terms and Conditions

Program information

Participation in the EE Program is Free. It is exclusively for boat owners or users who own a retail account with us. The program is eligible only for retail accounts that are registered on

Users will automatically enroll in the FREE EE Reward Program and rules applicable to this program will apply. Members enrolled in the EE Rewards Program with no qualified purchase activity within a twelve (12)-month period from the enrollment date will be deactivated from the reward program and marked as dormant members. Member-only offers and events will be organized.

Earning knots

Program Members (“Members”) earn one (1) knot for every one dirham (AED 1.00) of qualified purchases by providing their phone number, which is linked to EE reward program and will be automatically enrolled at the time of making a qualified purchase. Earned knots can never be redeemed as cash. EE reward program is only valid on qualified purchases on·

Knots can be earned only if you purchase through registered retail account.

Knots are awarded only for the successful order. In case if your order has been cancelled, refunded or returned, then corresponding reward points will be withdrawn.

If the orders are placed through coupon code or any offer on the website, then this order will be disqualified to earn knots.

Redeemption of knots

  • Redeem AED 20 for every 1000 knots earned. However, our redemption mechanism may change from time to time and it will be notified to your registered email address and mobile number.
  • Details of the earned points and the amount that can be redeemed will be emailed to members who have an active email on file. Also, it can be accessed online at
  • Redemption amount will expire 12 months from the date it is reflected on the account.
  • EE reserve the right to exclude any cash redemption of reward points that are expired.

Limitation on the use of Reward amount:

  • Membership in the EE program is active for one year from the date of enrollment.
  • Points earned will be adjusted for all qualified purchases that are returned for refund or credit or are substituted or replaced.
  • Each reward amount shall only be used once. The maximum number of reward amounts that can be used on a single online order is “5000 knots”.