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Insulation Sorbermel AGC SM25 25mm

0.7kg/m2 1.25 x 1.25m

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Part # 13.05.0014 | OEM # 17052899-2

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Sorbermel® is a flexible, open-cell, light grey foam made from melamine resin. It is light-weight, flame retardant and has excellent sound absorption and thermal insulation properties. 

It features a three-dimensional delicate network structure of slender filaments. Due to its structure, it can easily be thermoformed to make contour-fitting parts or inserts that serve as sound insulators in several automotive, componentry and engineering applications .

Its open cell structure enhances sound absorption and works by trapping noise energy thus preventing it from reflecting back as echo. Sorbermel is lighter, dimensionally stable and stiffer than polyurethane foams and hence a favoured choice in weight-sensitive applications and where enhanced fire safety and moisture resistance properties are required. Being low-weight, it contributes to the energy efficiency of rail and utility vehicles, enhancing passenger safety. The light-weight foam opens up several aesthetic options when used as baffles, acoustic panels, or as infills with other materials to form decorative acoustic composites.Sorbermel can be laminated with other suitable acoustic products to enhance its acoustic performance to meet custom requirements. 

Sorbermel achieves the highest classification in fire ratings to meet national and international standards. 

Sorbermel’s unique flexibility makes installation of the product easy using only a few basic tools.


  • Enclosures : Air conditioners, machinery and equipment enclosures; compressor and generator set enclosures.
  • Industrial : Electronic and electrical equipment, wall and ceiling linings for plant and equipment rooms.
  • Suited to applications requiring high fire rating characteristics The improved fire performance makes the product wellsuited for air-conditioning and duct work, boats under marine survey.


  • Lightweight - offers energy efficiency and passenger safety in the transport industry.
  • Wide sound absorption range and good thermal insulation properties.
  • Very good fire retarding properties without the addition of flame retardants.
  • High continuous operating temperature.
  • Free of mineral fibres.
  • Resists hydrolysis - will not rot.
  • Long service life - constant physical properties over a wide temperature range.
  • Self-supporting – no additional structures required to maintain shape.
  • Easily cut, shaped, fabricated and installed, saving cost.
  • Cut parts are available to customer requirements



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