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Switch for 08.10.0010 & 08.10.0011

On/Off remote key operation

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Part # 08.10.0015 | OEM # 80-724-0006-00

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Remote operated battery switches

Due to the increased load requirements and large increases in the cost of copper battery cable, the MD range of battery switches allows you to install the battery switch very close to the battery, reducing cable lengths to the starter motor. They are also ideal for remote isolation of bow thrusters. The 720-MDO has been enhanced to include internal optical sensors providing even more operational functionality to this innovative master switch.

  • Remote operation
  • Battery switch can be mounted alongside battery, reducing cable lengths and cable sizes to starter motor. (Large cost saving in copper cables)
  • Reduced installation labor, due to shorter battery cable runs
  • Manual override option to meet CE requirements
  • Power Draw: Switch off: 12mA. Switch on: 15mA, switch operating 120mA for 3 seconds @ 12V nominal
  • LED status identification for remote control switch
  • Same capacities/specifications and mounting options as standard BEP™ battery switches
  • Uses same interchangeable labeling system as BEP™ battery switches (136)
    An ideal combination with the remote on/off key switch (08.10.0015) switch the key off and your battery is truly switched off. No more depleted batteries if you return!

    Optical sensor benefits (720-MDO only)
  • Can be used to switch in positive or negative lines
  • Low stand by current draw (7mA) (zero if aux control switch used.)
  • Main contacts isolated from control circuit allowing operation via another battery source

Terminal link kits (TLK’s)
Now available for the 701 and 720 size switches, the TLK’s allow for cable connections to be made outside of the body of the switches.

Wireless remote control kit
You can now wirelessly operate your BEP motorized battery switches from a distance of up to 250 feet (80 meters) away.

  • Control up to 4 separate 5A circuits; eg, 701-MD/720-MDO battery switches, anchor light, navigation lights, and courtesy lights
  • No more lifting hatches to turn on battery switches — it’s now all controlled from the remote key fob
  • Control battery switches easily (On/Off) from the dock
  • Remote has a rolling code, for security

Remote on/off key switch
For the remote operation of the 701-MD and 720-MDO battery switches (above). It can be mounted standalone or within the contour connect panel range.




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