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Control box NMEA2000 for wipers

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Part # 05.13.0370 | OEM # Wiper control

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Last years an evolution developed in the helm of many leisure and commercial ships. With aim of integration of all available new ship controls many components need to communicate. The major standard for communication is NMEA 2000. Many components are available to communicate in this language. Yet no wiper control is been introduced for this language. Up till now. Exalto introduces a brand new controller design to implement in any NMEA 2000 network on board. It facilitates control through a special panel or complete integration with an existing ship control screen. Exalto window wiper control is for all MFD’s. Exalto has introduced this control for plug & play MFD integration, designed for operators to take full control of the vessels windscreen wiper configuration directly from their MFD with full functionality.

Now available for all MFD’s with NMEA 2000 communication and integration, the control module connects to the MFD with a single plug & play connector. The device is recognised and the Exalto icon is displayed on the main screen. No other controllers or digital switches are necessary, resulting in smart desk with no clutter of individual control panels and thus giving centralized touchscreen control for the entire vessel windscreen wiper operation. This  simply-installed technology and integration on which is a world-first within the window wiper industry. Another real example of Exalto’s leadership in window wiper technology and on-board functionality.

  • Control and configurable via NMEA 2000 network
  • Multi-voltage 12/24v
  • Full semiconductor wiper control (solid state, no relays)
  • Controlling 5 wipers individually or simultaneously
  • Configurable synchronizing
  • Suits all types of exalto wipers
  • Spray-pump connection
  • Spray fluid-level sensor connection
  • Rain-sensor connection
  • Configurable software fuse for each wiper output
  • Integrated and replaceable hardware fuses for all outputs
  • All connections are made by means of removable connectors for easy (pre-) installation
  • Flat housing, all connections on two adjacent sides


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