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Ventilator Deck UFOTR SS316 with

translucent top & plastic grill Dia. 72 mm cut-out

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Part # 05.09.0002 | OEM # UFOTR

Stock Status: On request

USD 61.68 Excluding VAT


Permanent ventilators type UFO and UFOTRANS
These models are made of stainless steel and they cannot be closed, so they will ensure permanent ventilation. The TRANS version is also translucent. These ventilators are rain and splash proof and the outside is high-gloss polished. They may also be used in combination with electric extraction ventilators. They come complete with a mosquito screen and an interior finishing ring as standard. Free flow area: 31.8 cm

Closeable deck ventilator type UFO 2 
Type UFO 2, can now be closed altogether and made absolutely water tight when at sea or when power washing the boat. However, when opened, the UFO 2 ensures constant ventilation whilst still remaining rain and splash proof.The cover is made from high-gloss polished stainless steel (AISI 316). The mushroom ventilator is also stainless steel and provided with an integral mosquito screen. A synthetic finishing ring is supplied as standard. Free flow area: 30 cm².


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All Stainless Steel AISI 316 Deck & Shell Ventilators


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