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Capstan 1000VC HYD 1000W 100mm TDC

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Part # 01.03.0005 | OEM # P102789

Stock Status: On request

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The mooring line requirements for a yacht can be determined from the classification rules; the requirements being stated in terms of breaking strength. The strength of the chosen material for line will then determine the rope diameter. Diameter of mooring line: At least three wraps ofmooring line around the capstan are required to ensure adequate grip. The capstan must be tall enough to allow for this, and the wraps would appear as four rope layers above the point of rope entry. The most effective way of increasing grip between the capstan and the rope for high load applications is to apply more wraps around the capstan, but no more than five wraps are ever required.


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Model VC1000
Maximum pull 700 kg or 1540 lb.
Line speed (normal working) 20 m/min or 65 ft/min
Power supply (dc) 12 or 24V
Motor (watts) 1000W
Net weight (electric) 18 kg or 40 lb.
Hydraulic pressure 100 bar or 1450 psi
Hydraulic flow 20 lpm or 5.3US gpm
Net weight - hyd 11 kg or 24 lb.

VC1000 models are also available in 50mm & 150mm TDC (Top deck clearance) on request.

Note: 1000 VC Suitable for Maximum Rope Dia. 14mm.

Includes motor & gearbox. Electrical accessories to be ordered separately. Rope diameters indicated are based on a minimum of three turns on the drum.

Model VC1000
A 80 mm - 3-1⁄8”
B 122.5 mm - 4-5⁄6”
D (std deck clearance) 252 mm - 9-15⁄16”
E 272 mm - 10-3/4”
F 160 mm - 6-5⁄16”
G (std deck clearance) 100 mm - 4”
G (extra deck clearance) 150 mm - 6”



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