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Type of Accounts

Users of the Exalto Emirates Ecommerce website may open either one of the two below stated types of accounts:

Retail account

This type of account is intended for retail customers who include boat owners and purchase for their own personal use and are not otherwise involved in the marine industry from a work related perspective. Please click here to open a retail account.

Trade account

This type of account is intended for companies whose primary business is within the marine industry. Typical customers are boat builders, service companies, shipyards, resellers, brokers, charter companies, fleet management companies and others. As a trade account holder you may enjoy a host of benefits such as trade discounts and credit terms for eligible customers. An application for a trade account needs to be accompanied by a copy of the trade license to prove the marine activity as well as additional company specific information. Exalto Emirates reserves the right to approve or deny the application depending upon the merits of the application and its own discretion. Please click here to submit an application.


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