The difference cannot be felt nor seen. Life on board becomes a unique and comfortable experience, thanks to the quiet and highly compact Coelmo® Marine Generators.

In more than sixty years of experience, we have studied and optimised each single part and component, in order to create safe, reliable and environmentally-friendly products.
The casing is sound-proof and fully made of marine grade aluminium, in addition to being easy to open at five sides to facilitate maintenance.

The fresh water/sea water cooling system makes it possible to install the system in less ventilated environments. By constantly monitoring Coelmo® Marine Generators, EOS® digital control panel quickly shows the functioning parameters and alarms, if any.
In order to enjoy a more comfortable life on board, Coelmo® Marine Generators are connected to Integra®, the Coelmo® ologeneration system, which is the single system to manage energy sources on board.

The reliability of Coelmo® Marine Generators is also due to the international guarantee, sustained by a net of distributors and authorised workshops worldwide, which are ready to provide spare parts and immediate assistance

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