DEN HAAN ROTTERDAM (DHR) is a manufacturer of complete range of navigation lights, search- and floodlights, ship's horns and decorative nautical oil and electric lamps.

Since 1922 DHR has been known for quality - which is warranted by the company’s quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001: 2000. The commitment and knowledge of DHR’s experienced staff guarantees a broad range of products, which meets all the relevant international standards. All over the world the DHR logo is a familiar sight aboard seagoing vessels, working boats, yachts and submarines

DHR offers Navigation lights, signaling and flashing lights. Daylight signal shapes.
All in compliance with latest international rules and approved by most important classifications.

DHR has Wide range of searchlights built to meet the highest technical requirements.
For inland trade, fishery, seagoing vessels and pleasure crafts.

DHR offers a range of Air Horns for ships on inland waterways and small seagoing vessels. Tested and approved for inland vessels on German "Seeschiffahrtstrasse"

DHR Products