HamiltonJet - through the innovation and inspiration of Sir William Hamilton - pioneered the development of the commercial waterjet 50 years ago, and today each model is designed and built to the standards of the world's leading certifying authorities. The manufacturing plant includes in-house foundries for casting stainless steel and aluminium, modern machining facilities and extensive testing and inspection procedures.

The current Hamilton waterjet range includes models for power inputs from 150kW to 7000kW, for vessels typically up to 60 meters long. All models include features such as integral intake and transition duct for easy installation, steering and reverse functions. All but the smallest units include fully integrated hydraulic reverse systems with jet driven hydraulic pump, control valves & oil-cooler cast into the jet intake.

HamiltonJet also has an extensive database of case studies and practical information relating to the application of waterjet in modern hull forms. Liaison with designers, builders and operators from the conceptual design stages through to commissioning ensures a Hamilton Waterjet is correctly matched to the hull for every project. From a few known inputs, an in-house computer program, developed by HamiltonJet, can provide an estimate of speed and other operational parameters for planning monohulls.

Today’s HamiltonJet offers many advantages over competing drive systems:

  • Reliability, fewer moving parts with most major components inboard and out of harm’s way
  • Maneuverability, Split duct reverse bucket & JT nozzle combine for excellent maneuverability
  • Speed, optimized for speeds from 25-45 knots
  • Efficiency, meets or exceeds the best prop designs at speed of 30 knots or better
  • Shallow water operation, the ability to go where props simply can’t
  • Factory offices supporting distributors and dealers are located all over the world

HamiltonJet Features

  • Highly efficient design & strong, lightweight, cast aluminum housing
  • Wide choice of stainless steel impellers for optimum engine matching, strength and cavitation resistance
  • Standard left-hand rotation (counter-clockwise looking at the engine flywheel)
  • Integrated intake and mounting base for ease of installation
  • Anode protection & Flush-mounted intake screen
  • Power operated, split-duct reverse bucket for maximum operational control (except HJ212 model)
  • Wide range of hydraulic and electronic control systems including blue ARROW and MECS electronic controls
  • Provision for an internal rake to remove debris from the intake screen (except HJ212 model)
  • Lloyds, A.B.S., etc. certification available


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