All About Tallon Systems

Basically, we’re in the business of replacing crappy fittings. It’s as simple as that.

We want to clean up the junk lying around on your boat, or kayak, or RV...

In a way, you could consider us as the USB port of the marine world – where everything you need can connect to a Tallon...

We take our own accessories, and a few other’s (like RAM-Mount, Scotty, Carbon-Pro to name a few) and secure them. Just like the i-Phone, anyone can create an application that fits us.

The bottom line is; we believe in people getting the most out of their boats, RV’s, kayaks, stand up paddleboards.. by making it their own and being who they want to be.

So in a nutshell, Tallon is:

  • the antidote to stress, mess and chaos
  • order and flexibility in boating, driving & paddling
  • removing the frustration of and maximise confined space
  • putting a stop to crappy add-ons to beautiful boats & fun kayaks
  • the end of weak, permanent and protruding fittings – why waste your time and money?
  • aiming to see less single function and more multi-function

Tallon Products