When it comes to underwater lighting, Aqualuma is the world’s brightest leading light.

Since 2005, the Gold Coast based company has taken the world of underwater lighting by storm. In this short time, Aqualuma and their range of underwater lights have quickly become famous for being the best in the business, with many of the world’s top motor-yachts, super yachts, sports fishers and marinas being illuminated by Aqualuma.

Aqualuma’s cutting-edge and high quality products use LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology, where light is not just solely for illumination, but also used to create a scene which will be long remembered. Aqualuma doesn’t just make lights; their products create memories.

Aqualuma’s lights are available world-wide and are patented in 127 countries. Despite boasting offices in Australia, Europe and the United States of America, all of Aqualuma’s products remain designed and manufactured on Australian soil.

With a superior line-up of products, renowned customer service and cutting edge technology, Aqualuma have made the choice easy for customers wanting the best in underwater LED lighting.

Aqualuma = bright light, low current, long life.

Aqualuma Products