The reputation of the family company Zwaardvis, originally from the province of Brabant, is anchored in the past. In 1970 the father of the managing director Sander van der Lande, bought a furniture manufacturing plant. Three years later he started on a second market; pilot chairs for water recreation and Zwaardvis entered the Dutch market. In the beginning the company was present at the fairs in RAI / Amsterdam (HISWA), Hamburg, Düsseldorf and then next into the United States. In the meantime Zwaardvis has become the market leader in the Netherlands.

Internationally the company created a furore with importers and customers all over the world. Design, quality and fl exibility provided the company with a distinguished position in the world of boat and caravan builders. The aluminium pilot chairs and table bases being assembled without tools, glue or screws! Globally unique and maybe the strongest trump card played by Zwaardvis.

All products in the group are developed by its own management, produced and distributed by importers and agents all over the world. The production facilities are divided into metal processing with its own powder coating facilities, production of table tops and wooden panels, lacquering installations for the tops and the wooden parts, upholstery, foaming department for the pre-foamed seating elements, and assembling.

The history of Zwaardvis is a history with stock and barrel, although the pictures at the beginning of the various chapters in this brochure may suggest something else But one thing they show very clearly: yacht, caravan or camper, it all starts with a strong base.

Zwaardvis Products