New Zealand has nurtured generations of race winning yachtsmen, and thousands of passionate boaties. In every recent Americas Cup racing regatta you will find New Zealanders at the core of the winning team; just as you'll find them in all other areas of challenge and endeavour.

Ron Holland - pioneer designer of the modern super yacht, Bruce Farr and Russell Bowler - designers of some of the fastest racing yachts in the world, and Sir William Hamilton - inventor of jet-boatpropulsion. These are just a few of the many who have challenged conventional thinking in the quest for enhance performance. Neil Gilmore, Chief of Design for Smartswitch, is another New Zealander with a passion for delivering world beating technology and performance. His practical understanding of vessel operation, teamed with his genius for designing software solutions, is at the heart of every Smartswitch system.

The beauty of the Smartswitch family of products lies not only in the sophistication of operation - demonstrating a practical understanding of vessel operations - but also in the ease of installation and superior reliability.

Smartswitch manufacture's electronic monitoring gauges and marine control instruments for boats, including systems that monitor and control marine tanks consisting of a Tank and Battery Monitor only system, a Tank Monitor and Control system for up to 4 Tanks, a Tank Monitor and Control system for up to 8 Tanks. A Bilge Monitoring and Control system for up to 8 Bilge Areas; a Single Bilge Control with alarm system, a general alarm system, a marine Navigation Lights system, a Fire Alarm system, and an Electric Toilet System for boats.

Using a solid-state micro processor, the marine tanks, bilges, fire and general alarms, marine navigation lights, toilets, fluid and fuel systems for boats can be monitored and controlled from one central location.

All marine instruments are fully programmable so the user can decide exactly how the system will work. This means Tank systems, Bilge System, Fire system, General Alarm system, Navigation Light system, Electric Toilet system, Fluid monitor and control and Fuel Transfer system products can all be customized for each individual boat.



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