MARINEDECK 2000 makes nature meet technology. The reward of the high natural quality is the FSC certification. Back in the early 80-s the company began research on alternatives for teak ship decks. Many different options were investigated, including many synthetic materials. The company’s focus was on something non-skid, easy to clean, with a long life cycle and very limited or no technical maintenance. As a matter of fact natural cork was Marinedeck’s first choice from the beginning. Research confirmed that the company was on the right path.

Building on nature's innovations

To utilize all of the advantages and properties of cork, a hybrid synthetic binder was developed, improved and adapted to environmental requirements. Our production facilities employ integrated and continuous quality controls, sophisticated high pressure machinery, NC sheet and plank cutting machines, CAD deck designs and last but not least CNC machinery to produce finished ships decks.

  • High durability in the demanding marine environment.
  • Stays cool under foot.
  • Excellent non-skid, especially when wet.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Pre-fabricated and finished ships deck.
  • Cost savings.
  • Fast and professional Pre-fab production.
  • Traditional and free deck designs.

Marinedeck Products