"Fortress Anchors” was started in 1987 by an American who was a very adventurous and lifelong boater. He once took a boat 1,000 miles up the Amazon River, and he crossed the Atlantic Ocean several times before he completed a circumnavigation in his early 70s.

In 1989, the US Navy conducted anchor holding power tests to determine whether there was an alternative product that would better suit their new Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) vessel, and they were astounded by the results of the three Fortress anchors which were included in this test.

Not only did the aluminum alloy Fortress anchors achieve superior holding ratios of over 200, which is the holding power divided by the anchor weight, but these anchors also held up better structurally than several of the steel anchors that were destroyed in this test.

This led the US Navy to write in their summary report: “The fact that Fortress anchors incurred no significant structural damage at such high holding ratios suggests that the anchors have been extensively engineered from both the hydrodynamic and structural standpoints.”

After this testing, the Fortress model FX-125 was chosen to be the anchor aboard the LCAC (image attached, the FX-125 is mounted in the lower right hand corner), and since then Fortress has been the preferred anchor for boaters around the world where high holding power at a fraction of the weight of steel anchors is desired.

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