In 1902, Willem Heeren and his son Albert, founded the paint company W.Heeren en Zoon, located in the town of Aalsmeer. They manufactured a line of linseed oil-based paints which they named EPIFANES. The company rapidly grew and EPIFANES became well known all over Holland. Willem Heeren died in 1933.

W.Heeren en Zoon was purchased by Adrian F. Zonjee in 1951. Adrian improved and expanded the line of maritime paints. Domestic orders were soon followed by exports to Belgium and then France and Germany in 1955. By the second half of the 1960's, EPIFANES yacht coatings became so popular in both Holland and abroad that the factory doubled in size.

Few companies have ever been in a position to contribute so much to the manufacture of their products. The master chemists and expert paint-makers proudly dedicate themselves to the further development of this craft. Their integrity, craftsmanship and vast knowledge of paint technology guarantees products made to the highest possible standard. Since the early years, W.Heeren en Zoon's emphasis has been on manufacturing and developing the finest marine coatings possible.

Since 1902, Epifanes has been setting the highest standards of paint quality in beauty, preservation and performance.

Epifanes develop and manufacture the finest marine coatings possible. No other finish is required to look as beautiful, and perform as well, in such an adverse environment as a yacht coating. They strive to develop products which exceed these demands.

Through state of the art technology and the use of the finest ingredients it is ensured that Epifanes Yacht Coatings will always be the choice for those who demand quality.

Epifanes North America, Inc. is perched over the magnificent coast of Maine in the historic town of Thomaston.

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