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Marine Toilets & Accessories

Marine toilets which are also sometimes referred to as “Head” or “WC” are designed to allow for sanitary conditions while out at sea. It should be evident that a traditional or domestic toilet would not work well on a boat. Consider a rough sea and the boat rocking heavily; a traditional toilet would have water spilling from the toilet bowl as the boat rocks. Conversely, marine toilet bowls are kept dry until such time that they are being used, then water is pumped into the bowl.

Exalto Emirates offer a wide range of marine toilets and suitable bidets to match with toilets for nautical market. Toilets range includes manual, electric, quiet flush, wall mount, slanted or straight in regular and compact sizes with standard or soft close seats to suit your boat’s interior.

You can select main operational components like water inlet devices (solenoid or pumps) & flush controllers as per your requirement.

Regardless of the type of marine toilet that you have, it is always a great idea to discuss toilet etiquette with your guests when hosting people on your boat. Instruct them on the proper way to use the pump and remind them that the only toilet paper that should be used is biodegradable!

Keep in mind that the fines for overboard discharge of untreated sewage are constantly rising. Additionally, get in the mindset of protecting the environment. Learn where the local pump-out facilities are located.



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