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  • The new Tecnicomar ECO watermakers produce up to 60% more fresh water and consume up to 35% less of energy than others, based on the same size!  The Tecnicomar Sailor Special Green series has been designed with the scope to reduce the energy demand per produced liter/gallon. Thanks to an overall process improvement and to the installation of highly innovative membranes, the system allows energy savings of 35% compared to other conventional desalination equipment. It is equipped with an advanced microprocessor controlling all functions and sensors. One-touch operation system that can be switched to manual operation, if needed. The Tecnicomar Sailor Special Green stands out for simplicity of use and high quality components like the stainless steel high pressure pump with solid ceramic plungers, the powder coated stainless steel frame, FDA compliant filters and ASME & TÜV certified pressure vessels.  The standard configuration includes a full-featured, ready to install watermaker with: Automatic pressure regulation (APR: This device ensures constant working pressure in the water maker.) Installation kit. On request, the system can be supplied with automatic membrane flushing and a remote control. Easy to use: Fully automatic Low noise operation

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  • The Sailor Compact series is ideal for all sailing and motor boats as well as for superyachts and vessels requesting a considerable quantity of fresh water. The Sailor Compact stands out for simplicity of use and high quality components like the stainless steel high pressure pump with solid ceramic plungers, the powder coated aluminium frame and the TÜV certified corrosion free and lightweight carbon fiber pressure vessels. The standard supply includes a full-featured, ready-to-install watermaker with manual pressure regulation and installation kit. On request, the system can be supplied with automatic membrane flushing.

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  • The Essential is a simple watermaker producing 100 to 160 litres per hour (639/1,014 gpd), conceived for the budget conscious cruiser. While maintaining Tecnicomar’s well known quality standards, it is suitable for everyone who can do without electronic and remote controls and just wants a small, sober and reliable system producing safe water. An automatic membrane flushing system is available as an option. The watermaker is either mounted in a powder coated solid light alloy frame (compact version) or ready for modular installation in tight spaces (Essential Slim configuration).The compact version allows to install the membrane pack separately.

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  • The small Oasi Reverse Osmosis desalination plants are the units of choice when power or space is an issue. They can be run from yacht’s batteries, solar or wind power without the need for a generator and are popular on smaller sailing and motor boats that want to stay free from the constraints and expenses of marinas. These new-generation watermakers use a low-pressure pump to raise water pressure to only about 15 bar. The high pressure necessary to activate the reverse osmosis process (55-60 bar) is achieved by hydraulic pressure intensifier. The system allows energy savings of up to 80% compared to conventional desalination plants as it requires only the initial energy of the low pressure pump to bring the water into the watermaker. The OASI excells for hands-on simplicity and high quality components like the stainless steel base, clamps and high pressure fittings, FDA compliant membranes and filters and TÜV certified lightweight carbon fiber pressure vessels. On request, the OASI can be supplied with automatic membrane flushing, electronic control box and remote control for major comfort as well as with an activated charcoal filter to improve the taste of the produced water. Configration 1. Sea cock valve2. Check valve3. Sea strainer4. 12-24 V DC motor pump5. Prefilter 5μ6. OASI pump7. Reverse OSMOSIS membrane pack8. Produced water9. Brine water10. Control panel

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  • AMF: This device automatically flushes the membranes thoroughly with fresh water before the water maker shuts off thereby inhibiting the scale formation in the membranes and prolonging the life of membranes.  NOTE: AMF has to be ordered along with the water maker and cannot be retrofitted since it has to be programmed with the water maker in the factory.

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Marine Watermakers

“Water, water, everywhere,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, everywhere,
Nor any drop to drink.”

This is a famous quote by ancient mariner Samuel Taylor Coleridge which might have been true for those olden days, but not anymore because Exalto Emirates has a perfect solution to cater for fresh water requirements of boats and yachts in the middle of the ocean.

This piece of marine equipment is known by many names like, RO system or reverse osmosis plant, water maker, fresh water maker, fresh water generator, desalination plant etc.

The watermakers sold by Exalto Emirates are manufactured using advanced technologies of design and construction and in line with current industry regulations. All components used in the construction are resistant to corrosion & make desalination plants reliable, practical and durable.

The wide range from our stock allows you to select from compact, modular, economical, AC or DC version along with various accessories and remote controlled options make Tecnicomar water makers an ideal choice.



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