Our Services

Engineering support services

We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers support with establishing a bill of material for your project. Please provide us with a copy of the general arrangement drawing. We will supply you with a proposal for the mechanical/electrical equipment required for your boat. Obviously this will not be a finalized list as there will need to be further discussion to fine tune your exact requirements but it can be a useful tool as an initial draft. Please note that we will limit our proposal to products within our product range.

Please contact @:
estimation@exalto-emirates.com to register your request.

Product service center

From our service center in the Dubai Maritime City we support our products where required. Services provided are installation advice, commissioning services, processing warranty claims, troubleshooting, preventive maintenance, general service and basic technical advice and support.

Please contact our service center @
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HamiltonJet support

For all HamiltonJet technical and service issues we operate a separate department to provide design & engineering advice, installation support, commissioning services and warranty, troubleshooting and service support.

Please contact @:
hamiltonjet@exalto-emirates.com to register your request.