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The PERKO Story consists of many interesting pieces. They make up a modern day marine hardware success story that goes back over 100 years!

It has always been their objective to provide customers with the very best in marine lights, hardware and accessories at competitive prices. Designed and built in America to the highest specifications - "We Make it Right, Right Here!!" All PERKO products are backed with outstanding warranties and their commitment to excellence.

  • • Molded White Polymer• Soft Black Flapper• Nut and Mounting Hardware Included

     AED 193.00
  • • Designed for Surface Thickness from 2 inches to 4-3/4 inches.• Female portion of scupper can be cut down by one rib for each 1/4 inch difference between hull thickness and 4-3/4 inches.• Molded White Polymer• Recessed Soft Black Flapper

     AED 171.00
  • • Molded White Polymer• Insert prevents passage of large objects without restricting water flow

     AED 93.00
  • • Molded White Polymer• Soft Black Flapper• Thru-Hull and mounting hardware not included

     AED 78.00
  • Thru-Hull Scupper for 0323 & 0327 Mounting through Transom

     AED 32.00
  • Chrome plated manganese bronzeStainless steel spring holds step in open or closed position

     AED 835.00
  • Chrome plated brass head and base For 12 volts. 4½ or 7 inches sealed beam bulb included. 8 Feet of coiled cord & cigarette lighter plug. Watertight deck connection. Switch installed in head. Base diameter, 2⅛ inches.

     AED 1,859.00
  • Chrome plated or white powder coated brass Corrosion resistant, splash proof construction 8 inch sealed beam units Tin plated electrical contacts and wiring Lever action, pilot house control 380° Horizontal movement, 70° vertical movement Lever handle controls both horizontal and vertical movement Set for continuous back and forth sweep or adjust position with manual toggle controls For ceiling thickness of up to 5”

     AED 8,446.00
  • Chrome plated bronze with black polymer base, all black polymer or all white polymer. Certified for use on power driven vessels under 20 meters (65.6 ft.) in length.

    (3 items) from AED 652.00
  • Chrome plated brass top with black polymer base, all black polymer & red & green lenses. Certified for use on sail or power driven vessels under 20 meters (65.6 Ft.) in length . 12 or 24 volt bulb included. Projection overall: 2½”. Height overall: 2⅝”. Width overall: 4⅛”. Screw size: 10 mm.

    (27 items) from AED 415.00
  • Chrome plated bronze top with black polymer base, all black polymer or all white polymer. Certified for use on power driven vessels under 20 meters (65.6 ft.) in length. 12 Volt bulbs included. Gold plated contacts.

    (3 items) from AED 303.00
  • Finish Chrome zinc Black polymer base. Certified for use on power driven vessels under 12 meters (39.4 ft.) in length. Chrome plated zinc alloy top. 12 Volt bulb included.

     AED 231.00
  • Part number Finish 09.02.0231 Chrome brass 09.02.0232 Stainless steel Chrome plated brass or stainless steel top. Certified for use on sail or power driven vessels under 12 meters (39.4 ft.) in length. Black polymer base. 12 Volt bulb included

    (2 items) from AED 318.00
  • The new Delta series is the ultimate replacement pole light. The series offers the features of virtually every other replacement pole light on the market all in one single package Universal type - DP package includes two globes. A reduced glare globe preserves night vision while under way. A fully clear globe functions as a traditional globe offering cockpit illumination while still meeting navigation light requirements. No tools are required. Globes simply screw on and off. Universal fit - DP packages light includes two collars and provides two key slot screw positions so that the Delta series fits more popular bases than any other light on the market. Universal angle - The big 40 degree (+-20°) tilt range of the Delta series can be easily and widely adjusted. This allows Delta series lights to match all other popular base angles. In addition, the Delta series lights can be adjusted even further to match most custom bent pole applications supplied as original equipment on many boats. Contemporary styling. Polymer top. 12 Volt bulb. 3⁄4” Diameter anodized tube Stow away plug-in pole. Wide 40 head adjustability (+-20°). 2 Screws positions for multiple base applications. 2 Globes included. Large threaded collar. Locking collar. Head : 40° adjustable Bulb : 12 volt (included). Pole : 3⁄4” diameter anodized. Collar: locking: Fits bases : 1045 & 1060 (2 pin). Note: Certified for use on sail or power driven vessel under 20m in length.

    (6 items) from AED 216.00
  • Traditional frosted globe allows for all round visibility even when globe orientation is not horizontally aligned. In addition, this design also provides limited cockpit illumination. Replacement stow away plug-in type. Black polymer top with white translucent globe. Selective use of 2 screws holes and or collar allow for use in multiple applications. Pole rake : 0. Bulb : 12 volt (included). Pole : 3⁄4” diameter anodized. Collar: locking fits bases : Fits bases : 1045 & 1060 (2 pin). Note: Certified for use on sail or power driven vessel under 20m in length.

    (7 items) from AED 186.00


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