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Nautical Structures

Nautical Structures

A Reputation for Exceptional Products and Worldwide Service


Nautical Structures customers value the after-sales service support in addition to the quality of the original construction, engineering, and variety of tender-handling equipment. Qualified staff at the service department in Largo, Fl, will give you full product support (service, installation, and warranty).

Out of the country and need support? We maintain professional relationships with the most reputable shipyards and service companies, where you will find our equipment sold and serviced.

Advice and equipment straight from the best

The service department, managed by Eric Johnsen, has evolved into a thriving resource for our clients in support of over twenty years of Nautical Structures products delivered. Eric is responsible for growing our service department into the professional organization it is today.

The department carries an inventory of in-field replacement parts. Nautical Structures refers to a log of products’ serial numbers kept by the service department, to be able to trace each product’s manufacturing history, which helps to service both current and older products.

Providing state-of-the-art supplies around the world.

You’ll find Nautical Structures products on most newer yachts as factory-installed features or available through the delivering dealer as an option. The aftermarket is serviced through boat yard and repair facilities, boat dealerships, and Nautical Structures’ authorized mobile installation companies.

All Nautical Structures projects are unique to each client’s requirements & specifications. Engineers working with AutoCAD™, MathCAD™, and SolidWorks™ design software develop each deck crane, beam-system crane, passerelle, or other structure to the highest industry standards. The final product will interface with the vessel properly, function as specified, and be styled to look proportionate with the architecture of the vessel.  That is our commitment to you.