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Merford started business in 1956 selling components for ventilation and air condition technology. Today, the group consists of a number of different business units:

  • Merford Klimaattechniek: Sales of components and systems for centralized and decentralized ventilation and air condition technology.
  • Merford Noise Control: Sales and production of solutions for noise reduction, such as enclosures, silencers, grills and acoustic screens.
  • Merford Special Doors: Sales and production of specific industrial doors.
  • Merford Cabins: Sales and production of operator cabins and cabin components for various types of cranes, specific vehicles, machines and installations.
  • Interdam Merford: Production of special doors for the offshore industry and maritime sector (50% participation).

Through ongoing innovation the company has managed to secure a key position in various niche markets with the high quality products.
Sales, engineering and production activities are all done at the company’s own facilities.

Marine application
Merford offers excellent products for noise attenuation and vibration dampening specially designed for marine use.
The products are designed to face the hard marine environment & heat in the engine rooms.

Special oil and heat resistant coatings are installed on these sheets.

Industrial noise pollution and the environment
During the seventies, noise pollution due to industrial activities became a public concern. To meet increased demand from industry, Technisch Bureau Merford started offering silencers and other noise reduction solutions. These were intended to be installed on exhausts or ventilation openings in building walls. Among our first customers were dairy factories, flour mills and power plants.

As this required a whole new range of activities, catering for a new category of clients, in 1979 Merford Techniek B.V. was founded.

In addition to these project-based sales, in the early 1980s Merford also started selling absorption, insulation and vibration damping materials to manufacturers. After a few years, Merford started selling components to clients in the building construction sector, such as special doors and wall ventilators.

In 1988 Merford International B.V. was founded to handle sales abroad.