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Ocean Equipment, the makers or HoseCoil, is a well known company in the boating industry. They have newly expanded manufacturing, design and engineering capabilities. These advances have allowed them to focus all their production to their home office in Bend, Oregon. They have a satellite office in Largo, Florida for further product and business support.

Ocean Equipment has built business around a core strategy: they build really great products and they treat their customers with the utmost kindness and respect. Many of the customers, suppliers, and dealers have been with them for over 22 years. Ocean Equipment strives for long-standing relationships.

HoseCoil is comprised of a range of, HoseCoil hoses, spray nozzles, enclosures, and hose storage systems. They have developed a range of vacuum formed housings to make the HoseCoil hoses an integral part of the cockpit on boats that would like an onboard wash down system. They are very popular with boat builders and dealers. The full range of HoseCoil products are available at most boating retail stores.

  • The horizontal mount enclosure is constructed of high density and durable ABS with high gloss UV protective coating.  The enclosure is also supplied with a 25 feet feeder hose to connect directly to an external water spigot. For a cleaner installation you can plumb directly into your existing pressurized water system or raw water washdown pump and internally run all plumbing lines.

    (2 items) from AED 621.00
  • The enclosure includes a solid blue 15 feet HoseCoil with a nozzle. Each enclosure includes hardware to connect directly to your existing pressurized water system or raw water washdown pump.

     AED 533.00
  • The enclosure includes a solid blue 15 feet HoseCoil with a nozzle. Each enclosure includes hardware to connect directly to your existing pressurized water system or raw water washdown pump. 8” diameter x 13” depth. Requires a 63⁄4” cut out and 13” below deck clearance.

     AED 854.00
  • Flush mount quick release into your cockpit for convenient location for mounting your washdown hose. 4”w x 4”h and requires a 3.25” cutout

     AED 384.00
  • High performance live-bait aerators keep bait and catch alive and healthy in a smaller amount of water. Air is infused with the water at the pump impeller, then millions of micro-fine bubbles are produced and sent gently out of the pump into the livewell. Because the bubbles are so fine, they remain suspended in the water longer and more aeration is provided for your delicate bait and catch. 12 V dc. 

    (3 items) from AED 133.00
  • Adjustable spray pattern nozzle with on/off thumb flow control. Soft contoured rubber grip for easy comfortable handling.Best for use with 3/8” or 1/2” HoseCoil

     AED 51.00
  • For high volume applications. Adjustable spray pattern nozzle with on/off large handle flow control. Soft contoured rubber grip.Best for use with 5/8” or 3/4” Hose

     AED 100.00
  • This fun nozzle features a simple two-trigger operation. One trigger for soap and one trigger for water. This allows you to mix soap and water in any combination. The SoapJet nozzle holds 6 oz of soap. Fits HoseCoil hoses or any standard 3/4” garden hose.

     AED 67.00
  • Professional nozzle with a rubber tip that protects finishes. Contoured rubber grip formed over strong metal body. Soft rubber fingertip trigger control. Variable flow adjuster, Brass valve stem and stainless steel components. The adjustable spray tip ranges from fine mist to jet stream with a twist.

     AED 67.00


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