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Deckmate is the result of years of experience with representing and distributing cleaning tools.  With this experience and the exchange of suggestions, compliments and ideas of valued customers they've been able to assemble this high-quality product line.  Simple, but effective at sharp prices.  



  • Designed for the cleaning of anti-slip materials, hardwood boat decks and canvas-products. Not usable on for shining surfaces. The medium brush hairs are firm, but certainly not hard. Excellently resistant against chemicals. Materials: firm but flexible brush hairs, varnished hardwood, quick release system, protective bumper.

     AED 96.00
  • Designed for cleansing varnished and scratch-sensitive surfaces. The durable hairs of the brush are suited for any cleaning job without a loss of shape.Materials: Varnished hardwood, quick release system, protective bumper.

     AED 124.00
  • Multi directional swivel made for easy access to all areas. Made of durable ABS plastic. Velcro backing for attaching Deckmate scrub pads or for washing heads. The gland can be manipulated in any direction, allowing the Swivel Plate to stay in constant contact with the ground.

     AED 90.00
  • Special micro fiber cleaning strands are gently yet effective in cleaning any surface. Perfect for washing painted finishes and clear enclosure curtains. Use it dry to dust floors and more. Swivel washcover allows for easy cleaning of all areas without strain. The cover fits around the swivel plate tightly and ensures scratch-free cleaning. 

     AED 56.00
  • Medium non woven pad for washing fiberglass and decks. Not recommended for paint or any high-gloss surfaces.Designed to fit the Deckmate Swivel PlateMeasurement: 10 cm x 25 cm x 2.5 cm

    (2 items) from AED 33.00
  • For normal use of cleaning decks and fiberglass. Not recommended for sensitive and high-gloss surfaces. Designed to fit the Deckmate Swivel Plate.Measurement: 10cm x 25cm x 2,5cm

    (2 items) from AED 33.00
  • This handle is practical and intended for normal boat use. Because of the quick-release system it’s usable with most of the Deckmate product line which can be attached to it. The pole is crafted from a anodized aluminium tube material, guaranteeing extra stiffness. Additionally, the handle is fitted with a comfortable synthetic hand-grip.

     AED 64.00
  • The most practical telescopic handle. This lightweight handle is usable with all of the Deckmate products using the quick-release system. The pole is crafted from a anodized aluminium tube material,guaranteeing extra stiffness. The RVS securing system can secure the pole in any position. Additionally, the handle has a comfortable synthetic handle.

    (2 items) from AED 114.00
  • The new V-shaped edge is designed to dry surfaces even faster than before. The 33cm blade dries any surface faster than towels, chamois or other squeegee-type products. Made from medical grade silicone and highly flexible.The special detailer ends are designed for drying even the hardest-to-reach surfaces.

     AED 154.00
  • Made from extra absorbent PVA coated material. 78mm wide strips quickly dry decks and paint. Material is not affected by fuel, chemical, mold or mildew.

     AED 239.00
  • High quality brush, designed to quickly and effectively clean specific areas.

     AED 98.00
  • Use wet or dry, for cleaning delicate surfaces.

     AED 38.00
  • Coarse brown non woven pads for heavy duty cleaning teak decks and underwater hulls. Pads attached to the swivelplate via hook and loop system.

     AED 34.00
  • For earier cleaning hulls, walls and ceilings Attach the angle adapter with the wide sid over any DeckMate brush. Lock the small side of the angle adapter into the Deck mate handle.

     AED 60.00
  • The drying towel is crafted from a strongly absorbent PVA material, capable of holding 8 times its own weight in fluids. The material is rot- and mould- repellent and can clean any surface at the flick of the wrist. Perfect for use in combination with the Deckmate Waterblade.

     AED 84.00
  • Cleaning brush developed for all-round cleaning work. Perfect for use anywhere on boats and caravans. Durable brush-hairs developed with soft tips provide a scratchfree and thorough cleaning. Materials: Durable brush hairs, varnished hardwood, quick release system, protective bumpers.

     AED 102.00


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