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Blue Sea

Blue Sea


For both products engineered in house and supporting products made by leading manufacturers, Blue Sea Systems engineers perform extensive testing to ensure that products meet the demands of the marine environment. Product assembly at our Bellingham, Washington headquarters means that engineers and production staff can interact daily to ensure product integrity.

Blue Sea Systems has achieved the International Standards Organization (ISO) highly respected quality classification, ISO 9001: 2008, ensuring that product quality is managed in an organized and comprehensive manner, consistent with international standards.


As a privately-owned company, Blue Sea Systems is nimble, flexible, and responsive to customer needs and changes in the marine industry.

The ignition protected PACIFIC SERIES Battery Charger product family is a recent example of the way Blue Sea Systems responds to industry needs with solutions that enhance the boating experience.

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The company is comprised of avid boaters with decades of boating experience. Engineering employees bring their expertise gained inside and outside the marine industry to the Blue Sea Systems products they design.