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Fender grip FX-8

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As we all know, Its simply not humanly possible to untie, adjust and knot fender lines to useful height quickly. As a result seconds before docking it becomes race against time and eventually many boaters resort to fending off with their hands and feet. This can result in serious injury and of course the boat can also get damaged when fenders are not placed properly. Quick & easy fender adjustment is essential for effective fender use.

Only the finest materials are used to make the Fendergrip. Two types of UV protected DuPont Derlin are used, one is glass-filled for durability in high stress areas. To counter corrosion, stainless steel hardware is used exclusively. Each Fendergrip is hand assembled, inspected and tested before packaging.

  • Fendergrip gives you instant push button fender height adjustment plus a positive lock.
  • Makes fender adjustments a breeze yet installs in seconds to cleats, grab handles, and rails of any size.
  • The Fendergrip uses your 3/8” to 1/2” line’s strength to hold fenders of all sizes.
  • Made of rugged DuPont Delrin® and stainless steel hardware.
  • Used by the U.S. Coast Guard , Marine Police Agencies, and the Cigarette® Racing Team.
  • Stores securely atop the fender.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 3-year limited warranty.
  • Connects to bow railings, life lines, cleats or hand rails.
  • The Fastfender is resistant to tractive forces of up to 181 kg.
  • Available colours white & blue.
  • Material: Nylon PA6.
  • Resistant to sea water and UV rays.
  • Will not scratch or damage the railing.


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