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Sound Insulation

  • Sorberbarrier® AGC is a barrier-absorber composite noise control product that offers both excellent noise transmission loss and high sound absorption. It was specially developed to provide complete noise control solutions within one high performance, versatile product. Its unique construction comprises a high mass, flexible noise barrier, Wavebar®, laminated between two layers of flexible acoustic foam, Sorberfoam™, consisting of a sound absorption layer and a decoupling layer. A durable, flame retardant, aluminium foil glass cloth facing - AGC, is laminated to the outer absorptive foam layer. Sorberfoam™ is Pyrotek’s specially developed combustion modified, polyurethane foam offering high sound absorption across a broad frequency range and engineered to resist degradation or foam rot. The faced foam layer absorbs airborne sound and reduces the effect of reverberant sound build-up within an enclosed space. Its AGC facing alters the natural absorption curve enhancing its sound absorption in mid to low frequencies besides providing additional protection to the foam from mechanical stress and dirt, oil and liquid ingress. Being flame retardant, it further enhances the fire and thermal insulation performance of the foam. The decoupling layer isolates the mass barrier layer from the structure to which it is bonded. This allows the decoupled mass barrier to remain flexible at all times, significantly enhancing its transmission loss performance. Sorberbarrier AGC is easy to install without the need for specialist tools or equipment. 

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  • Sorberfoam™AGC combines the next generation of combustion modified, flexible acoustic foams laminated with a durable, flame retardant aluminium foil covered glass cloth surface covering–AGC. In conjunction with leading laboratories and test facilities, Pyrotek has formulated and developed polyurethane foam that outperforms traditional acoustic foams by controlling the cell size, porosity, density and the flow resistivity throughout the cell structure. Traditional polyurethane foams often break down through hydrolysis (foam rot) under hot, humid and acidic conditions. Sorberfoam AGC is engineered to resist degradation or foam rot. An aluminium foil covered glass cloth facing is laminated to the surface of Sorberfoam to alter the natural absorption curve enhancing sound absorption in mid to low frequencies. The facing also provides additional protection to the foam from mechanical stress and dirt, oil and liquid ingress and enhances the fire and thermal insulation performance of the foam. It offers higher level  f flame resistance than Reinforced Aluminium (ALR) facing thereby enhancing the fire and thermal insulation performance of the foam. Sorberfoam has been proven to absorb substantially more energy across the entire frequency range than traditional polyurethane foams.  Sorberfoam AGC offers an alternative to mineral fibre products that tend to shed fibres during application. The tendency for fibrous products to lose thickness over a period of time means their absorption properties will also be reduced. Sorberfoam AGC eliminates this hazard offering a safer alternative in noise absorption.  Applications Engine rooms in boats under CE Marine Survey. Power generation units. Containerised generator sets. Additional thermal insulation for air-conditioning. Engine compartments and firewalls of boats. Machinery and equipment enclosures.

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  • Sorbermel® is a flexible, open-cell, light grey foam made from melamine resin. It is light-weight, flame retardant and has excellent sound absorption and thermal insulation properties.  It features a three-dimensional delicate network structure of slender filaments. Due to its structure, it can easily be thermoformed to make contour-fitting parts or inserts that serve as sound insulators in several automotive, componentry and engineering applications . Its open cell structure enhances sound absorption and works by trapping noise energy thus preventing it from reflecting back as echo. Sorbermel is lighter, dimensionally stable and stiffer than polyurethane foams and hence a favoured choice in weight-sensitive applications and where enhanced fire safety and moisture resistance properties are required. Being low-weight, it contributes to the energy efficiency of rail and utility vehicles, enhancing passenger safety. The light-weight foam opens up several aesthetic options when used as baffles, acoustic panels, or as infills with other materials to form decorative acoustic composites.Sorbermel can be laminated with other suitable acoustic products to enhance its acoustic performance to meet custom requirements.  Sorbermel achieves the highest classification in fire ratings to meet national and international standards.  Sorbermel’s unique flexibility makes installation of the product easy using only a few basic tools. Applications Enclosures : Air conditioners, machinery and equipment enclosures; compressor and generator set enclosures. Industrial : Electronic and electrical equipment, wall and ceiling linings for plant and equipment rooms. Suited to applications requiring high fire rating characteristics The improved fire performance makes the product wellsuited for air-conditioning and duct work, boats under marine survey.

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  • Sorberscreen® is a perforated metal sheet sound absorber. The sheets are supplied either plain or backed with Sorbertextile™ STA, a black, high air flow resistant glass based acoustic textile, that offers high performance sound absorption. The product has a hard durable finish with an aesthetic appeal. The perforated metal screen is made from either marine grade 5052 aluminium sheet (Sorberscreen ALU) or electro-galvanised steel (Sorberscreen EGS) with 28% open area. This open area allows the sound waves to be passed through from the noise source and be absorbed by the backing fabric. Sound waves when travelling through the flow resistant backing fabric, creates heat through friction, causing a loss of energy, thus reducing noise and reflected sound. The sheets have a white powder coating, offering resistance to corrosion. The metal screen can be easily powder coated or spray painted to any colour desired, before being bonded with the backing fabric, Sorbertextile STA. The degree of sound absorption obtained can easily be increased, by increasing the air gap behind the Sorberscreen®. This cavity created, can be filled with any other insulation material to further enhance sound absorption. The backing material provides a protective layer and prevents fibre release, if any, from such insulation materials. Sorbertextile™ STA is non combustible and has a hot melt reactive adhesive backing. Besides providing excellent mechanical strength, the fabric offers high opacity and an aesthetic appearance, making the product a perfect finish for sound absorption in engine rooms, soundproof enclosures, architectural walls and ceiling absorptive panel applications. Applications• Decorative and durable protective engine room cover in marine, power generation and engine bays of large mobile equipment.• Wall and ceiling insulation in marine engine rooms• Lining of acoustic enclosures• Acoustic baffles• Interior decorative wall absorbers

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  • Quadzero is a range of foil faced flexible noise barrier materials, built on the respected Wavebar® series. Quadzero is tested to AS 1530.3-1999 and as such meets all current building requirements for fire resistance. The reflective foil facing provides fire resistance and additional thermal performance. It remains the easiest and most effective means to reduce noise through walls, floors and ceilings in boats & ships. It’s a specially engineered material consisting of a mineral loaded polymer supported by a reinforced fabric, which allows it to be suspended, up to the full roll length. It’s supplied in a number of easy to use formats, allowing the utmost convenience in forming an effective barrier to low and high frequency noise. Quadzero is easily taped at joins (foil side) using one of the many Tape® ALR pressure sensitive tape systems. Applications Marine vessels and vehicles as flooring mats and engine curtains. Portable and reusable noise barrier screens Partition walls Under floor Above ceilings Acoustic doors Soft enclosures for factory fans and machinery housings and enclosures. Strip curtains/drapes.  

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  • Quadzero™ NL is a high-performance foil faced mass-loaded vinyl noise barrier, offering superior acoustic transmission loss and upgraded fire resistance. With a fire-resistant foil facing, Quadzero™ NL was developed by Pyrotek® to meet stringent fire safety requirements in the marine, building and transport sectors. The product achieves the highest fire ratings complying with International Marine Organisation standards for low spread of flame, as well as British, German, American and Australian building and transportation standards for heat release, toxicity and flame propagation properties. The upgraded fire safety provided by Quadzero™ NL is offered without reducing the strength, tear resistance or flexibility offered by the Wavebar® Quadzero™ product range. Stiff lightweight panel constructions, such as plasterboard, drywall, plywood and hollow core doors, typically have coincidence dip resonance which allows noise to transmit through a construction. The coincidence dip is dependent on the material’s stiffness and thickness and occurs at the point where the sound transmitted through the structure matches the natural frequency of the panel. Quadzero™ NL shifts the coincidence dip to frequencies limiting its impact, thereby maintaining the performance of the product. The thin, dense mass barrier reflects and absorbs the energy, resulting in the reduction of transmission of sound through walls, ceilings and floors. Therefore reducing the critical frequencies generated from mechanical equipment, engine noise and electronic devices. Applications Applied in marine engine rooms & deckheads to reduce noise transmission. Rail carriages for under floor insulation to reduce track and brake noise. Inside cavities or over lightweight wall, ceiling and floor constructions. Around the outside of metal air ducts to reduce noise breakout. Wrapped around noisy pipes, i.e. fluid or gas pulsation in chemical, petrochemical and waste water treatment plants

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  • Tape ALR is a high performance insulation reinforced aluminium foil tape, designed for use as a joining and covering tape for Pyrotek Noise Control’s aluminium foil faced products like Soundlag®, Sorberfoam™, Sorberpoly™ and Sorberbarrier®. The reinforcing mesh in Tape ALR provides good mechanical stability during application and once in place prevents further movement. The nature of the tape is such that it provides a rare combination of high strength, flexibility and conformability. The pressure sensitive adhesive backing on Tape ALR which is rubber or acrylic based, is formulated to give high initial tack and high holding power. The backing is protected by a silicone coated, removable release paper which provides easy release properties and aids ease of application. Applications Pipe lagging. Machinery and equipment enclosures. Compressor and generator set enclosures. Car, boat, truck and bus engine compartments, firewalls and bonnets. Air-conditioning units and systems. Hydraulic pump enclosures.

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  • Tape GC is a high quality pressure sensitive thermal insulation joining tape with a glass cloth mesh face offered in either 120 or 220gsm. The backing is a high performance solvent-free acrylic adhesive, with an easy to remove silicone liner.which provides easy release properties and aids ease of application. ApplicationsUsed as a joining or finishing tape to seal edges and joins. Tape GC can be ideal for use on Pyrotek insulation products that have GC film facing for a matching, seamless appearance. Adheres to steel, tin, aluminium, fibreglass, PVC, polypropylene, open cell foam, fibrous, painted and powder coated surfaces.

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  • Silentstep® is a new generation of acoustic carpet underlay, comprising a flexible mass-loaded barrier, fused onto a high density premium foam underlay. The combination of these two products allows Silentstep to reduce the transmission of footfall and impactgenerated noise.Silentstep was developed to meet market noise reduction requirements in multi-storey living, commercial, automotive and marine markets. Easy to cut and lay, it offers excellent support and a firm cushioned base for all types of carpet applications. It is ideally suited for lightweight flooring constructions such as timber and marine applications where fibreglass and composite floor panels are used. When laying carpet over a floor constructed using lightweight timber and joists, typical standard underlay offers little effect in reducing the transmission of footfall and impact noise. Silentstep isolates the barrier layer from the floor structure, increasing the performance of the floor system between two rooms. This feature means that critical frequencies generated during speech and electronic audio technologies such as radio and television etc can be reduced. Silentstep products are environmentally safe, contain no ozonedepleting substances and comply with European and Australian standards for Volatile Organic Compound emissions. Applications Multi-storey living areas constructed from lightweight materials with the intention to lay carpet. Marine vessels to stop engine noise travelling into staterooms, salons, VIP cabins etc.

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  • These fixing rosettes made of Polypropylene are ideal for easy installing of heavy sheets. They come in packs of 15 pieces (screw not supplied).

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  • An extremely soft foil tape with a highly reflective backing that provides excellent radiation for both heat and light. Used as a mask or protective surface in paint stripping operations, as well as in electroplating. Also used for general sealing, metal patching, moisture barrier and heat reflecting. Long aging both indoors and outdoors. Thickness 110 microns.

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  • Vibration Damping Tape 435 is a low temperature, silver, dead soft aluminium foil tape. The aluminium foil constraining layer is coated with a pressure sensitive viscoelastic polymer on an easy release liner. This tape absorbs and dissipates vibration, reducing noise and fatigue.

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  • Damping foil 2552 consists of a room temperature pressure sensitive viscoelastic polymer on a dead soft aluminium foil and is designed for application to vibrating panels and supporting members. The combination viscoelastic polymer and an aluminium foil backing (a constrained layer damper, or CLD) has proved to be a unique construction with exceptional ability to control resonant vibrations in the temperature range of 0°C to 60°C, with survivability from -32°C to 80°C.

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