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Anti-fouling Islands 77 Plus Gray

1 gallon

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Islands 77 Plus was developed as an alternative to tin-based antifouling paints to protect against the harshest marine environments. Using the newest biocide technology, a revolutionary polymer binder system “PL3” produces an engineered dual biocide release that leaves no harmful effects
on the environment. The result is a multi-season self-polishing paint that provides equivalent protection to tin-based formulas.

Application controls
Method : Airless spray, conventional spray, solvent resistant rollers and brushes.


• Advanced dual biocide PL3 release technology for longer life
• Harder, self-polishing polymer binding system
• Highest grade of cuprous oxide available
• Better colour consistency for colour matching
• Provides fouling protection equivalent to TBT type products
• Highest quality grade of cuprous oxide available (more potent active ingredient)


Overcoating Interval - Drying Time (Hrs)  
Substrate temp. Touch Min Max Launch minimum
41°F (5°C) N/A N/A N/A  N/A
73°F (23°C) 2 hr 1 hr N/A 12 hrs
95°F (35°C) 1 hr 1 hr N/A 12 hrs


Product Information 
Finish/Sheen               Semi-Gloss
Biocide content       4.14%
Copper content     38.06% (all Colours)
Volume solids      57% +- 2%
Flash point:      100ºF
VOC:                  377 Grams/Liter
Recommended coats           2 heavy coats on entire hull and 3 at waterline and other high wear areas
Theoretical coverage       315 Sq.Ft./Gal. @ 2.9 mils DFT
Typical Film Thickness 
Pleasure craft                   3.0 mils dry film thickness (DFT) per coat, (5.0 mils wet film thickness (WFT))
Commercial craft           4.0-5.0 mils DFT per coat by spray application (7.0- 8.0 Mils WFT)


Application data 
Mixing                              Islands 77 antifouling paint contains a moderate concentration of copper oxide and may have settled in transit. Product must be thoroughly mixed with power mixer/shaker until uniform.
Induction time   Not Applicable
Thinning                      If necessary, maximum 10% Sea Hawk 2033, 2035
Cleaning            Cleaning Sea Hawk 2033, 2035, Xylene
Pot life                Not Applicable
Brush/rolling   Solvent Resistant Roller Cover 3⁄8” pile (nap), smooth to medium. Prewash roller cover to remove loose fibers prior to use.
Airless spray                         Minimum 33:1–2 GPM ratio pump; “0.017-0.026” orifice tip; 3⁄8” ID high-pressure material hose; 90 PSI line pressure; 60 mesh filter.
Conventional Spray  Please contact Exalto Emirates for more specific information.
Safety            Prior to use, obtain and consult the “Material Safety Data Sheet” of this product for health and safety information. Read and observe all precautionary notices on container labels.


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All Islands 77 Plus GL

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