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Cleaner ECO super teak 600 ml

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One-step application to preserves timber in a natural look. Suitable for use on teak furniture and decks, including marine timber. It is a water based, biodegrable teak cleaner that super cleans teak, any form of timber, outdoor furniture, decks & especially marine timber. It draws the contaminates out of the timber & simply washes off with water. Also suitable for spot cleaning of any unexpected spillages. It not only super cleans but it helps treat & preserve the timber. An oil can be used over the top to give a wet look or change in colour.

Simple usage of product:

  • Pour the product into a bucket, use straight (do not add water).
  • Dampen the area.
  • Then use a clean medium to strong bristle brush, apply the product and agitate until all contaminates are removed from timber.
  • Finally simply rinse thoroughly with water using a hose & leave to dry naturally & if necessary you may spot clean any areas missed by repeating the above.


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All ECO Super teak cleaner

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AED 88.00

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