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Icemaker 18 kg / day "clear" inox

230V 50Hz air ventilated grey door without frame spray type

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Part # 12.04.0001 | OEM # 5S21A11A00000

Stock Status: On request

AED 5,671.00 Excluding VAT


Convincing facts for the Isotherm IceDrink clear

  • Complete stainless steel design
  • Production capacity of 18 kg per day
  • "Clear Ice" icemaker works on spray technology & hence the produced ice is in the shape of a cube.
  • The spray-type clear ice maker stores ice in an insulated bin, not a freezer, so the ice is always a loose ice.
  • The Clear Ice Maker requires a drain. Also, Clear Ice Makers make the sound of spraying water.
  • Available in 230V 50 Hz as standard (115V 50 Hz / 60 Hz optional)
  • Three flange options for critical space installations
  • The icemaker clear is so called because the ice produced has a transparent appearance.
  • The Isotherm Clear Ice Maker must not be installed where it may get wet. Proper ventilation is critical to trouble-free operation.

Convincing facts for the Isotherm IceDrink White

  • Available in stainless steel
  • Production capacity of 8 kg per day
  • Reliable white ice technology
  • Available in 230V 50 Hz as standard
  • Numerous customization possibilities for different installations just like with the cruise fridges and freezers
  • No need for external ventilation
  • Can be installed outdoors
  • Freezer compartment to maintain the ice cubes frozen for white ice models only
  • Extra water tank for ice cubes made of mineral water (as option)
  • Designed to be connected to the main onboard water connection (hydraulic system).
  • "White ice" Icemaker produces ice by gravity (retains oxygen inside the water which gives it white appearance) & hence produced ice is in the shape of "half moon".


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Part number Dimensions H x W x D (mm) Weight (kg) Power consumption Average/max. (A/V)
12.04.0001# 584 x 355 x 430 36 1.4 A 230 V
12.04.0002## 625 x 372 x 430* 33 1.3 A 230 V
12.04.0006## 476 x 372 x 630 33 0.78 A 230 V
12.04.0007## 375 x 363 x 730 25.5 1.3 A 230 V

 * Width IceDrink White INOX frame 20 mm per side
#Note: No freezer compartment for storing the produced ice.
##Note: All white ice models have a freezer compartment to keep the ice frozen.


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