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Refrigerator drawer inox 65L 12/24V

vent cooled with 3 side flush mounting frame

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Part # 12.03.0005 | OEM # 3065BA2C00000

Stock Status: In stock

AED 7,285.00 Excluding VAT


The DR 65 inox is a space-saving, front-opened drawer. Its new design is based on the standard 65 liters refrigerator though with a
pullout drawer featuring an innovative interior concept with bins and bottle racks. A sequence of 5 LED lights provides blue internal light.


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  • High-tech design
  • Easy user-friendly access
  • Freezer compartment
  • Blue LED interior light
  • Robust drawer mechanism
  • Off-shore lock and positive latching handles for perfect closure at any time
  • First frost-free feature for the DR 55 and DR 65
  • Outstanding design possibilities are given due to the new option of glass doors.
  • GLASS line colours include navy blue, grey, white and black.
  • Customized colours are also available on request.

Some configuration options

  • Universal ac / dc electronics work with all power supplies used world-wide
  • Common dimensions on drawer 65 Refrigerators and drawer 55 Freezers for side by side applications
  • The innovative Isotherm off shore lock and positive latching handles prevents the door from being opened accidentally


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