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Mounting Systems & Storage

  • The original and first choice for boat owners around the world, Scanstrut Mast Mounts are a cost-effective and space-saving solution for installing your radome or satcom antenna.

     AED 1,931.00
  • Expertly designed to install your antenna on the cabin roof, flybridge or radar arch of your powerboat, providing a clear view of the horizon for maximum antenna performance. Scanstrut’s Composite PowerTower offers a single “monocoque” structure for outstanding strength and surface finish. Its aerodynamic shape and high gloss finish makes a product that is as strong as it is attractive.

     AED 2,661.00
  • Single combination mount for radar, lights, GPS/VHF antennas, cameras or search lights, with each item perfectly positioned for maximum performance.

     AED 11,066.00
  • Beautifully styled and expertly engineered to ensure your radar stays level with the horizon at all times for optimum antenna performance. As the boat heels or rolls, the radar is kept horizontal preventing target loss whilst providing the best possible radar picture.Completely maintenance free; no power required.

     AED 5,797.00
  • The Modular Dual PowerTower has been designed to allow your open array, radar, satcom & camera to be mounted together in one single space saving modular installation.  

    (18 items) from AED 3,522.00
  • Designed with an in-built drain, the socket can be used in a variety of external and interior settings.

    (2 items) from AED 87.00
  • Designed for 12 or 24V applications and to drain naturally, it is supplied with a 10A fuse in waterproof casing and 200 mm of wire loom.

     AED 70.00
  • If waterproofing your Tallon socket is important, then the Seal-It upgrade pack is for you. Simply replace your standard backnut with this fully enclosed, waterproof backnut complete with rubber washer. Also ideal for mounting in bulkheads where the back of the socket is visible, as the sealed backnut provides a clean finish. It is also possible to cut the backnut down to the desired depth.

     AED 19.00
  • Upgrade your Tallon socket with this stunning stainless faceplate. Cast from marine-grade 316 stainless steel, it blends beautifully with all finishes and simply adds a touch of class.

     AED 47.00
  • Can be retro-fitted quickly & easily into existing switch blanks or similar apertures. Requires no specialist tools or professional installation. Securely mounts iPhone, iPad, tablet and smartphone holders, etc. as well as cup holders. Not reliant on risky suction solutions or expensive, unsightly modifications. When paired with new USB mini socket, provides a full mount and power accessory solution. Material: Dupont zytel, polycarbonate.

     AED 58.00
  • Tallon’s new compact mini socket mount for truck dash switch blanks: Designed to be retro-fitted quickly & easily into existing switch blanks. Requires no specialist tools or professional installation. Securely mounts ipads, tablets, iphones, smart phone holders, etc. Perfect for devices monitoring road user charges, loads, deliveries, tolls, etc. Not reliant on risky suction devices or expensive, unsighlty modifications. When paired with Tallon new USB mini socket, provides a full mount + power solution.

    (2 items) from AED 58.00
  • For when you want to connect your Tallon elite socket USB to power only. This adaptor connects to the 12V supply, and provides up to 2 A to the USB.

     AED 58.00
  • Includes 50 mm hole saw and additional 30 mm hole saw required for elites, and grab handle for easy installation.

     AED 71.00
  • Includes 50 mm hole saw and grab handle for easy installation.

     AED 48.00
  • The Tallon starter pack comes complete with a Tallon socket and multipurpose drink holder. The drink holder handles wine glasses, flutes, mugs, bottles and cans. The drink holder can be easily removed or relocated leaving a clean finish on board.

     AED 87.00
  • The Tallon drink holder is the best drink holder in the market. It features a stepped interior for different sized bottles, cans & tumblers, a cut-out design to cater for wine glasses & mugs, and easy-to-fit & remove rubber inserts to grip vessels of all sizes, which prevents slop or rattle.

    (2 items) from AED 55.00


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