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Kit VL-03T (Trial) Very Low profile

range (includes: 6xVL-F3, 6xVL-M3 , 4xVL-F3H, 4xVL-M3H, 10xVL-SS3, 4xVL-CP3 & Catalogue)

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Part # 11.07.0189 | OEM # VL-03T

Stock Status: In stock

AED 50.00 Excluding VAT


Ideal for areas where space is a premium, the VL-03 can be recessed into the substrate requiring only a 6mm deep hole. VL-03 can also attach curved panels to a curved substrate due to its low depth engagement. Typical applications include bed heads, inspection panels, wall panels especially thin walled panels & facings, (e.g. soft or honeycomb cored panels). VL-03 clip set can be screw or glue fixed (supplied with Euro screw) and uses the supergroove system to mechanically engage into adhesive. Installation requires no special tools or drilling. Pull out load 5 kg per clip.


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Models included Description Qty
VL-F3 Very low profile female clip half 6
VL-M3 Very low profile male clip half 6
VL-CP3 Center point insert with SS tip 4
VL-SS3 Euro screws 10
VL-F3H Very low profile heavy duty female clip 4
VL-M3H Very low profile heavy duty male clip 4


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