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Surface mount male is an exten- sion of the Fastmount system, designed for use with thin walled panels and where install- ers prefer an adhesive fix. It is ideal for new composite materi- als. Super-grooves mechanically engage into adhesive on the base for secure mounting.

Surface mount male heavy duty is an extension of the Fastmount system, designed for use where installers prefer an adhesive fix, with increased loading. It is ideal for new composite materi- als. Super-grooves mechanically engage into adhesive for secure mounting.


  • Self-aligning secure mounting.
  • Installation requires no special tools or skilled labour
  • Uses a range of adhesives to suit the customer
  • No machining of panels, fast installation
  • Works with existing Fastmount clips
  • Allows for flexing and expansion of panel and support frame


  • Mounting thin walled panels less than 6 mm thick
  • Soft or honeycomb cored panels with thin facings
  • Installers preferring self-alignment and/or no special tools
  • Mounting panels where no drilling is preferred
  • Ideal for refit
  • Use thick epoxy glue in the ratio of 1:1


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Part number  Model  Material Load (kg/clip)
11.07.0070 PC-SM2H Black acetal copolymer 10
11.07.0069  PC-SM2  White acetal copolymer  5


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