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Kit CT-06T (Trial) Standard range

(includes: 12 x PC-F1A, 12 x PC-M1B , 4 x PC-M2H, 4 x PC-SM2, 4 x PC-SM2H, 2x PC-VM1, 2 x PC-VMX, 4 x PC-RF1, 4 x PC-SF1, 4xCP-01ST, CT-8& catalogue with installation guide)

4.0 (1)

Part # 11.07.0099 | OEM # CT-06T

Stock Status: In stock

AED 897.00


Typically used for up to 80% of removable ceiling and wall panel applications these Fastmount clips are part of the Standard range. These clips are suitable for all types of materials and boats (for more information view the CD-ROM case studies & installation). The kit includes a range of clips, tools, installation guides and product sheets to evaluate the Fastmount panel mounting system.


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Models included Description Qty
PC-M1B Panel clip - self tapping male 12
PC-F1A Panel clip - self tapping female 12
PC-SM2 Panel clip - surface mount male (adhesive fix) 4
PC-SF1 Panel clip - surface mount female (adhesive &/or screw fix) 4
PC-VM1 Vario clip for variable gap, shear strength self tapping male.
clips into PC-F1 & PC-SF1
PC-M2H Panel clip - self tapping heavy duty male 4
PC-SM2H Panel clip - surface mount heavy duty male (adhesive fix) 4
PC-RF1 Panel clip - side mount female self tapping 4
CP-01ST Center point insert - red plastic 4
PCVMX                                      - 2
CT08                                      - 1


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All Introductory Trial Kit Complete with Clips & Tools


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