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  • Metal clip to withstand high temperatures.
  • Allows for tolerance & panel flex (self centering).
  • Provides acoustic & vibration isolation.
  • MC-05 has a 5 kg pull out load, MC-10 has a 10 kg pull out load.
  • Self tapping and screw fit mounting options.


  • Fire rated panels.
  • Panels in fire egress paths.
  • Ceiling, wall and exterior panels.
  • Mounting of curved panels.
  • Install into a variety of substrates.

Set of male & female maxi clip MC-10 has a 10 kg pull out load.
Set of male & female clip MC-05 has a 5kg pull out load.

Metal clip centre point
Center point fits MC-F5 metal clip. Use to mark hole center in panel, for correct clip alignment. Has SS tip for marking panel. Refer to installation guide.

Installation tool for metal clips MC-F5 & MC-M5
For installation of self tapping male MC-M5, can also be used for MC-F5 into plywood or similar. Use battery drill with correct torque setting.


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