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Adaptor rudder angle 12V resistive

rudder angle senders to NMEA2000

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The Offshore Systems 3165 Rudder Angle Adaptor allows standard European or American standard resistive rudder angle senders to transmit their rudder position over the NMEA2000 network. The unit is designed to greatly simplify installation with NO user setup or calibration required and NO display menus to struggle through.

In multiple rudder installations the sender type selection and the device instance setup is simply done with the small rotary switch on the unit.

The 3165 has a red port LED and a green starboard LED that flash to indicate the unit is transmitting the appropriate rudder position. The mechanical setup of the rudder angle sender is greatly simplified by setting the rudder midships and then adjusting the linkage to the sender until both LEDs illuminate when the sender is also at midships.

It comes with a 1 meter NMEA2000 cable and a 2 meter rudder sensor cable to allow the unit to be placed in a convenient location. It is fully waterproof to IP67 and ruggedly constructed for years of reliable and accurate service. The unit comes with a detailed user manual and is certified to the NMEA2000 network standard.


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