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Sensor cabin temperature type K

NMEA2000 compatible

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Part # 10.08.0038

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The 4522 Cabin air temperature sensor is designed to accurately measure theair temperature in a boat cabin using a highly accurate type K thermocouple mounted in an attractive white plastic enclosure. The unit is designed to be wired to an Offshore systems 4521 temperature input module.

The unit should be attached to the cabin wall or ceiling by using the screwsprovide through the holes in the plastic base. The green thermocouple wire should run to the 4521 module behind the mounting wall or in a protective channel securing it at regular intervals. Please note that it is permitted to shorten the green wire if required but it is NOT permitted to extend the wire using ordinary two core cable. If it is necessary to extend the wire please contact Exalto Emirates for a suitable wire extension piece.


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