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Detector PD1000 12/24V for petrol

vapour & carbon monoxide includes sensor

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Part # 10.05.0008 | OEM # PD1000

Stock Status: On request

AED 1,811.00 Excluding VAT


Gas detector PD1000 detects petrol vapour and carbon monoxide (CO) In addition to gas detector model GD1000, which detects gases such as butane and propane, Vetus has developed an entirely new gas detector. This model PD1000 specifically detects petrol vapour to prevent the risk of explosion in the engine room, as well as poisonous carbon monoxide (CO). This gas detector can be supplied with one or two sensors. Both detection functions are carried out simultaneously. Gas detector PD1000 is suitable for both 12V and 24 Volt dc supply and its dimensions are identical with model GD1000.

Note: It is recommended that the possible presence of petrol vapour and carbon monoxide be checked on a permanent basis; even when the boat is not in use! Therefore, always keep the power supply to this gas detector switched on.


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