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Detector GD1000 12/24V for carbon

monoxide & combustible Gases (propane, butane, methane & hydrogen) includes sensor

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Part # 10.05.0007 | OEM # GD1000

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The Vetus gas detector model GD1000 offers a gas detection system for a range of combustible gases including propane, butane, methane and hydrogen. In addition it will also detect poisonous carbon monoxide. A single sensor is supplied as standard, which can detect both flammable gases (such as bottled gas) and carbon monoxide. A second sensor can be fitted as an option, for gas detection in an alternative location. The push button marked “Valve” will manually actuate a remote solenoid operated gas valve, if this is installed in the system. If this solenoid valve is in the open position (or not fitted), the presence of gas is detected continuously. If the valve is closed, detection will take place intermittently. Please note, the valve itself is not supplied with the gas detector. If the gas detector senses high concentrations of flammable gases and/or carbon monoxide, it will trigger an acoustic alarm and a LED on the control panel. Petrol fumes can trigger the alarm at extremely low concentrations, which makes this device less suitable for boats with petrol engine(s). The “Mute” button will silence the alarm. The gas detector is provided with three switched connections rated at 1 Amp each. In the event of an alarm situation, these will actuate (if fitted), an extraction ventilator, an external alarm or horn and a solenoid operated gas valve. The extraction ventilator can also be operated manually be means of the “Fan” button. Should the supply voltage drop too low, an acoustic alarm will be triggered and the LED on the control panel will flash. A test function confirms the correct functioning of the gas sensor(s), as well as the three switched connections forventilator, external alarm and gas valve. A LED on the sensor indicates when it has reached its maximum life span and should be replaced.


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Voltage 12V and 24 Volt Dc
Maximum relay contact ratings for extractor fan, gas solenoid valve and -
external alarm 1 A for each function
Control panel 85 x 85 mm
Built in depth 40 mm
Sensor 35 x 26 x 62 mm high


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