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Vessel Systems Monitoring

  • Model 80-600-0023-00 Monitors AC volts, amps and frequency

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  • The BEPTM detectors use microprocessor control to ensure correct sensor sensitivity. The detectors have the capability to control two sensors which detect both LPG and petrol, with visual and audible alarms. Dual sensors for LPG and petrol Visual and audible alarms; provision for external alarm Automatic shut-off solenoid control with pulse and hold circuit for low power draw (600-GDL only) Self-testing Provision of bilge blower 2.4” x 3.5” x 0.7” (67 x 88 x 17 mm) Model: 600-GD 600-GD will detect LPG, petrol and CNG fumes. Supplied with one sensor, with an option for a second sensor, model # BL-SL-L output for remote alarm and blower unit. 600-GD can be used on 12 or 24V systems. Model:600-GDL Dual sensors for LPG and petrol. Visual and audible alarms; provision for external alarm. Same features as the 600-GD, with the ability to switch a valve on. It contains a unique “Pulse & Hold” circuit within the detector. This allows the valve to be pulled in at 12V and then once energized it will step down to hold the valve in place. Model: BL-SL-L One sensor lead supplied (5 m) with GD & GDL. Second sensor lead ordered separately Model: 600-LPG 600-LPG is a stand alone gas shut-off system with no gas detection ability. For 12V systems order VR2.2 separately. For 24V systems order VR2.2-24V. Model: 600-GDRV 600-GDRV has the sensor mounted in the front facia creating a stand alone unit. The unit is designed to be surface mounted at the vessel’s lowest point. Model: FD-2 FD-2 is designed for an economic in-dash installation. Supplied with sensor (5 m cable) which is capable of detecting combustible gases. Suitable for LPG, Petrol and CNG.    

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  • Compatible with 600-GDL gas detector or 600-LPG. Gas outlet: ⅜ BSPGas inlet: POL ThreadCurrent draw: 800 mACurrent draw with GDL or PH-12V: 0.2 ARegulator Flow Rate: 3 kPa. Note: The VR2.2 may not comply in some countries, and does not comply with USCG requirements.

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  • The SA296COMP-12V is suitable for countries where VR2.2 is not approved. The CE approved SA296COMP-12V can be installed by an approvedgas installer using approved components from within specific markets. 12V or 24V options available. Uses 1⁄4” BSP thread. Note : A separate regulator will need to be installed with the SA296 valves. Not supplied by BEP  

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  • Handles common outputs – 240-33, 10-180, Vetus 10-300 and 0-5V tanks from BEP, Teleflex, Faria, VDO and many other popular instrument brands. (When connecting to non-adjustable gauges the TS1 must be pre-calibrated) Low Profile Design and standard SAE 5 hole mounting pattern, allowing it to be retrofitted to practically all other sender brands. Can be set for tank dimensions via computer using BEP™ Marine’s proprietary TS1 software, avoiding experimental tank filling on site Connects directly to the DC systems monitors (80-600-0021-00 & 80-600-0022-00) when configured to a 0-5V output Is set for 0-2000 mm depth off the shelf (not suitable for tank depths less than 200 mm) 8”. Operating voltage: 10-32V Current draw: 25 mA with 5V gauge output Measurement method: Acoustic sonic measurement Tank depth: 0–6.5 ft (2000 mm) Accuracy Distance: 0–6.5 ft (2000 mm) at 2 mm accuracy Mounting: SAE 5 stud mounting pattern with gasket, seal and screws (top mount only). Environmental temperature: 39.2–149°F (4–65°C) Chemical resistance: Petrol, diesel, water, toilet chemicals Tank type style: Metal and plastic with non linear capacity Works with petrol, diesel, fresh water, grey water and black water

     AED 592.00
  • BEP’s proprietary Window’s based software application allows for TS1 senders to be programmed specific to tank shape, size and fluid type via a computer’s USB port. Programming is a simple process and can be carried out by downloading free software from bepmarine.com and purchasing a programming kit TS1-PK. Once programmed, the specific tank parameters are stored in the non-volatile memory of the TS1. Find more detailed information at bepmarine.com

     AED 524.00
  • Only required when using VDO (10-180) or Centroid (10-180) or Teleflex (240-33) senders to produce a 0–5V signal for either the DCSM, or ACSM systems monitors. Switchable link for VDO or Teleflex signal. 10-32V supply. One unit per sender required. Dimensions: 2.4” x 1.3” x .9” (60 x 34 x 22 mm)

     AED 250.00
  • The 600-TG offers economical monitoring for fresh or grey water tanks (plastic or fiberglass only). Using 600-TGSK strategically mounted well nuts will give 4 tank levels. Supplied with one sender kit. Second sender ordered separately. Also available is the RV-TS-5M Tank sender. Only one hole is required for installation, the sender is sealed via external lock nuts. Suitable for tanks with maximum depth of 280 mm.

     AED 559.00
  • Suits tanks with maximum depth of 280 mm and a maximumwall thickness of 10 mm, and a maximum hole size of 22 mm. Comes with 5 m cable.

     AED 323.00
  • Well nut hole size ⅜” (9 mm). Cable length 5 m. One kit supplied with 10.03.0018.

     AED 277.00
  • The Vetus gas detector model GD1000 offers a gas detection system for a range of combustible gases including propane, butane, methane and hydrogen. In addition it will also detect poisonous carbon monoxide. A single sensor is supplied as standard, which can detect both flammable gases (such as bottled gas) and carbon monoxide. A second sensor can be fitted as an option, for gas detection in an alternative location. The push button marked “Valve” will manually actuate a remote solenoid operated gas valve, if this is installed in the system. If this solenoid valve is in the open position (or not fitted), the presence of gas is detected continuously. If the valve is closed, detection will take place intermittently. Please note, the valve itself is not supplied with the gas detector. If the gas detector senses high concentrations of flammable gases and/or carbon monoxide, it will trigger an acoustic alarm and a LED on the control panel. Petrol fumes can trigger the alarm at extremely low concentrations, which makes this device less suitable for boats with petrol engine(s). The “Mute” button will silence the alarm. The gas detector is provided with three switched connections rated at 1 Amp each. In the event of an alarm situation, these will actuate (if fitted), an extraction ventilator, an external alarm or horn and a solenoid operated gas valve. The extraction ventilator can also be operated manually be means of the “Fan” button. Should the supply voltage drop too low, an acoustic alarm will be triggered and the LED on the control panel will flash. A test function confirms the correct functioning of the gas sensor(s), as well as the three switched connections forventilator, external alarm and gas valve. A LED on the sensor indicates when it has reached its maximum life span and should be replaced.

     AED 1,663.00
  • Gas detector PD1000 detects petrol vapour and carbon monoxide (CO) In addition to gas detector model GD1000, which detects gases such as butane and propane, Vetus has developed an entirely new gas detector. This model PD1000 specifically detects petrol vapour to prevent the risk of explosion in the engine room, as well as poisonous carbon monoxide (CO). This gas detector can be supplied with one or two sensors. Both detection functions are carried out simultaneously. Gas detector PD1000 is suitable for both 12V and 24 Volt dc supply and its dimensions are identical with model GD1000. Note: It is recommended that the possible presence of petrol vapour and carbon monoxide be checked on a permanent basis; even when the boat is not in use! Therefore, always keep the power supply to this gas detector switched on.

     AED 1,811.00
  • Designed and manufactured by BEP, these state of the art full color monitors are made to meet the systems monitoring requirements of today’s modern vessel and recreational vehicle. Complex ac and dc electrical installations onboard are becoming more common place. Additionally the increase in tank monitoring requirements for fuel, fresh, grey and black water, accurate monitoring of these systems is essential. The DCSM and ACSM displays feature clear, extra large type face. This allows for more detailed on-screen information and increased clarity. The screen has backlighting for easy night time viewing. See sample screens below. Monitors Charge/discharge amps for two banks Capacity remaining in A/h and % Battery condition Tank fluid level Circuit status  

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  • 2 core screened cable in 2 lengths pre-terminated

    (2 items) from AED 130.00
  • Model LB-450-50 450A / 50 mV shunt supplied  3.25”L x 2.8”W x 2.75”H (83L x 45W x 44H mm)

     AED 393.00


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