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Gauge rpm/hour counter TACHWL white

12/24V (0-4000 rpm) cut-out Dia. 100 mm

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Part # 10.01.0003 | OEM # TACHWL

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The market offers a large variety of boat instruments, in all sorts and sizes. Here are three reasons why you should choose Vetus boat instruments:

  • High degree of accuracy: Owing to the very special suspension of the mechanism and the removable pointer, each instrument can be tested and calibrated individually.
  • Reliability and longevity: The annual number of repair jobs can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Literally!
  • Smart illumination: No solid dials with over-head illumination from the edge, but translucent dials instead, which are illuminated from below, thus offering optimum readability.
  • In order to prevent condensation as far as possible, all Vetus instruments are double glazed.
  • All instruments are supplied with two round bezels as standard: one black plastic and the other chrome finish plastic. White instruments with chrome finish plastic and white plastic. Height: 10 mm. The large instruments have an overall diameter of Ø 114 mm and fit a cut-out of Ø 100 mm. The small instruments have an overall diameter of Ø 63 mm and fit a cut-out of Ø 52 mm.

Suitable for alternators with W-connection. Suitable for diesel engines. Scale calibration: 0-4000 rpm. Also available with scale calibration: 0-5000 rpm


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