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Light Flood PitMaster 30x5W LED 24V

Wide Beam Black Body

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Part # 09.06.0036

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The Vision X 11.75” MIL-PMX3090 features Prime Drive Technology, a wide flood beam pattern that offers a very wide amount of light with not as
much distance, and black aluminium housing. The MIL-PMX3090 comes standard with an extended warranty, and 24V dc input. This light weighs
12.34 pounds and offers a mounting depth of 3.11”. Coming with a reinforced gasket bezel and a 360° fully adjustable mounting system.

  • Integrated electronic thermal management (ETM).
  • Xtreme five watt led is driven to 90% efficiency.
  • 360° Fully adjustable mounting system.
  • Reinforced gasketed bezel.
  • 90% Optically pure.


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Part number 09.06.0036
Model MIL-PMX3090
Beam pattern Wide
Number of LED’s 30
Watts 150
Product weight (kg) 5.6
Mounting depth 3.11”
Lifespan 50,000 Hours
Dimensions 11.75” x 4.94” x 7.54”
Input voltage 24V dc
Optic efficiency 90%
Driven at 90%
Amp draw 12.5A
IP rating IP-68
Vibration rating 15.6G
Operating temperature -40ºC ~ +80ºC


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All Pit Master 30 HPS Flood light

Part number


AED 4,558.00

In stock

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