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Light Underwater THX203 Blue 12/24V

4.6/2.3A Bronze housing 110 deg. Beam angle 12,600 lumens ORA series

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Part # 09.03.0237 | OEM # 60-0311

Stock Status: On request

AED 4,376.00 Excluding VAT


THX203, the worlds first ultra-slim thru-hull light with a shaft of just 16mm (just over 5/8”) diameter and 96mm long (3-3/4” long), is ideal for boat owners seeking the security of a thru-hull fitting with the hull cut-out and price point of a surface mount. The petite thru-hull is type-approved and can be fitted nearly anywhere on transoms, hull sides and bottoms of almost any type of boat up to 24m (80”). Simple 2-wire installation with no external drivers make this one of the easiest thru-hull lights to install. Choose from 2 LED colours: blue or white. Easily controlled by a simple on/off switch or optional Wireless Keyfob Remote.

What it comes with?

Single Light Includes:

  • One (1) ORA THX203 Light with Built-in Driver



  • Choice of 2 single-coloured lights: white or blue
  • THX203 (Thru-Hull) features an ultra-slim thruhull shaft
  • THX203 features an internal driver
  • 5,600 verified fixture lumens
  • Ultra-wide110° beam angle
  • 2-Year Warranty


Available colours

Single Colour (Blue or White)



Fixture lumens (white)


Number & type of LED

White - 12 x 10W High Power LEDs

Blue – 24 x 3W High Power LEDs

LED power - HICOB array


Typical LED Life

50,000+ Hours


2 Years

User control options

On/Off Switch ordered separately (Switch base 09.03.0238, Rocker 09.03.0646)

Housing type

Marine Bronze Body with Borosilicate Glass Lens

Suggested vessel length

7.5m to 25m


Internal Driver

Supply voltage range (12v or 24 v only)

10.5 – 31 V DC

Max current draw 12/24v

4.9 A / 2.4 A

Beam angle


Water ingress protection rating


Light face diameter

95mm (3.75”)

Profile (height) of housing

18mm (0.71”)

Shaft length

96mm (3.78“)

Housing type

Marine Bronze Body with Borosilicate Glass Lens

Light cable length

2m (6’6’’) Standard (Can be extended *)

Hole cut-out for shaft (hole cutter size)

Metric: 16.5mm Imperial: 21/32 “ (0.656”)


800g (1.76 Lbs)

Mechanical Installation

Thru-Hull Fitting


No accessories available


    No files are posted

All Thru hull fixed THX203-ORA Series-Single Colour


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