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Navigation LED Towing 24V DHR40

sectional type side mount light 2nm minimum visibility

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Part # 09.02.0374 | OEM # 40040901

Stock Status: On request

AED 2,112.00 Excluding VAT


  • Small vessels for inland navigation and Seagoing vessels up to 20m of length
  • Robust and rugged design consisting of hard-anodized aluminium housing and a
  • borosilicate glass lens (instead of plastic > PMMA)
  • Power supply 24V dc (-20% / +30%)
  • Energy consumption 2-4 Watts
  • Current during normal operating conditions ≥40mA
  • Current in case of error situation ≤10mA
  • Sٍingle LED-module & driver are replaceable in case of malfunctioning
  • Configuration of LEDs: Three LEDs for all versions
  • High power-LEDs mounted on aluminium heat sink
  • Operational lifetime 50.000 hrs
  • Operation temperature -25 up to 55ºC
  • Flashing light with frequency of 1Hz
  • Retrofit for DHR35
  • Design of the electronics is kept as simple as possible in order to nullify any possible interference with radio and radar signals
  • Navigation lights are continuously monitored by using a proper navigation light control system (NLCS) > however, if no suitable NLCS is used, a
  • PLC-control with the right configuration could be used as well. Otherwise, in case of no monitoring possibilities, DHR advises to check the DHR
  • lanterns and/or to replace the LED-driver and LED-modules
  • Water ingress protection: IP66 and/or higher
  • MED 96/98/EC Approved


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Part number (Retrofit) Type sectional Degree Min. visibility (n.m.) Weight (kg) Power (W)
09.02.0370 Starboard light 112.5º 2 0.5 3
09.02.0371 Port light 112.5º 2 0.5 3
09.02.0372 Masthead light 225º 3 0.5 3
09.02.0373 Stern light 135º 2 0.5 3
09.02.0374 Towing light 135º 2 0.5 3


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