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Head Unit

  • MRD85i features DMD(Digital Music Device) dock, bluetooth and is an AM/FM stereo with internal docking station for your digital music devices (DMD) like iPod®, MP3 or Smartphone devices. Insert your digital music devices and play your music. MRD85i is a full-featured waterproof marine stereo, waterproof designed, engineered and optimized for marine use. Designed specifically for the marine environment. With adjustable backlight display type with flip down face design. SD card reader available at the front, USB input available to play your music from a USB Flash drive. Additional AUX input available at the back.. Wired and wireless remotes available (sold separately - See page 709). Gimbal mount option that allows the unit to mount anywhere from top to bottom.  

     AED 2,079.00
  • Model GM-MRD80 GM-MRD80 is a gimbal mount bracket that allow your MRD80/MRD80i unit to mount anywhere from top to bottom. With the gimbal mount, no covers or additional mounting boxes are required for installation. Available in black only.

     AED 119.00
  • MR45D-Cpak is a combo package of MR45D stereo, a pair of MA206 speaker and WC2 splash cover. MR45D is an AM/FM stereo without CD player. MR45D is a stereo receiver designed specifically for the marine environment with adjustable backlight display. Front and Back AUX-Input available for your MP3 music device, iPod® input available for your iPod®/iPhone® devices and USB input available to play your music from a USB flash drive. Wired and wireless remotes available (sold separately).

     AED 1,186.00
  • Model WC3 The gasket-sealed lid on this splash cover prevents water entry into virtually any marine or spa stereo on the market. Accommodates any dual post, removable and DIN-style stereos. Contemporary styling makes it an attractive addition to the dashboard or wall. The lid lifts easily and stays open in multiple positions to maintain partial splash protection while allowing access to radio controls. Stainless steel mounting hardware (included) ensures that corrosion will not damage the mount.

     AED 101.00
  • Install virtually any auto or marine stereo on your boat without fear of damage from moisture, corrosion or UV rays. The WC400 is waterproof housing that surrounds your stereo on all sides for maximum protection. A gasket-sealed, polycarbonate splash cover on the front of the rugged ABS enclosure prevents water from entering. The hinged cover lifts easily and remains out of the way in any of several positions. When open, it maintains partial splash protection while still allowing access to stereo controls. Wires and a rear connector let you hook up the stereo and antenna through the housing. A gimbal mounting bracket permits installation above or below the dash, under an electronic box or on any convenient horizontal surface.

    (2 items) from AED 312.00
  • WC-700 is waterproof stereo housing with two 3” built-in marine speakers. This housing allows the convenient mounting of a stereo or CD player without the need for remotely mounted speakers. It is ideal for small boat applications or where space is limited. Gasketed cover designed to keep moisture away from your stereo. Accommodates dual post, removable and DIN-style stereos.

     AED 322.00
  • RM-10 Radio mount is designed to accommodate today’s larger front panel format Marine radios as well as older DIN style and post mount. Made from heavy wall ABS plastic, the RM-10 has room for all the accessory cables found on the newest radios. Accepts Poly Planar, Sony, Jensen, Marine AV and even Clarion CMD4!

     AED 101.00
  • 6’ wired remote with display for MR45 series and MRD80 series stereos.

     AED 441.00
  • The MRR21 Wireless infrared remote gives you the freedom to control your Polyplanarsystem from any area of your boat. This small, floating remote comes withan attached lanyard and convenient storage hook.

     AED 294.00
  • Model MRD87i The MRD87i is a marine-grade IP65 construction digital media head unit. AM/FM/Bluetooth/Sirius/USB music player/SD card 4x45 watt audio out with NMEA 2000 and standard remote options. Connect to Apple products via USB for charging and audio operation. USB will charge any USB device as well as offering a full-function USB audio player. Fully waterproof drawer allows safe storage of phone or USB device. Flush mount or optional gimbal mount. Also offers four-channel audio line output and independent fully adjustable subwoofer output. Coupled with optional Poly-Planar amplifiers, MRD87i is capable of unlimited expansion for multiple music zones.

     AED 2,079.00
  • (2 items) from AED 1,269.00


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